Jew Media Calls Border Problems a "Manufactured Crisis"


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The big talking point pushed out by the Jewish media over the past few days is them saying that the problems on the southern border is “manufactured.” Tucker Carlson went into this in great detail last night.

President Trump rightly called it a “manufactured sound byte” when he was interviewed by Sean Hannity today.

The idea that this is a “manufactured crisis” is insane. Democrats all talked about the need to secure the border since the 2000s. The open border has been a disaster allowing drugs to flow in, human trafficking and third world hordes to shit out anchor babies in our country.

If anybody is creating a “manufactured crisis” it is the Jewish media and their Democrat allies. They have been hoaxing a crisis with Russia for the past two years claiming that Russians posting memes on Facebook is a threat to the American electoral system. They’re also claiming that the government shutdown is a crisis even though there is no evidence of that.

So the people who are really manufacturing crises are the ones claiming that a real crisis is manufactured. This is why the Jewish media needs to be shut down. They are a direct threat to this country with all the lies and bullshit propaganda they spread.


the democrats will lose this battle. in 2020, the republicans will run ads showing Obama, Schumer and Clinton all speaking about funding a “barrier” to stop illegal immigration but that was 2006BT (Before Trump).


Oh but this IS a manufactured crisis…a crisis completely manufactured by the ZOG to undermine law and order and replace white European people in America with brown peoples from central america and mexico to turn this nation into a gigantic third world welfare state and all to keep these commie leftists in power.
But its more than that , as we all know…
The main objective by our jewish masters is to replace us and that is what will happen when brown people who have unsustainable procreation practices overrun this place.
Its already happening, just take a look at what florida and georgia have become in the last twenty years.
Its disgusting.
In every courthouse in this nation these people are given leniency in courtrooms to walk away on some promise to come to court one day when they are accused of several crimes including illegally entering our country.
We all know just being an illegal trespasser would not be enough for ZOG storm troopers to bring oppressed brown people to jail…
Then , the ZOG hands out billions every year in social services to people without proper identification who are clearly not citizens …
67% of all illegals are not only given EBT but are FULLY subsidized by the government.
That means everything they have is being paid for by tax dollars, all the while manuel is at the service counter at your local walmart or grocer holding up the return line so he can send all his pesos he makes from his dumb gringo jefe back to el salvador.
The schools are told that the proper paperwork for these hispanic invader squatter beaners isn’t needed as is it for everyone else and consequently there are areas in the usa where over 75% of the children in schools are illegals.
If our government stopped making their lives so easy we may not even need a border wall anywhere but after the last few years i wouldn’t turn one down because of the drugs and the gangs but good luck getting our leaders to care about anyone but foreigners who may one day sneak into America and vote for dems.
I say let everyone who wants to shoot heroin just go die already , fuck em and let em OD on fentanyl or whatever who even cares anymore.
That said why should our tax base foot the bill for law enforcement to spend nearly every minute of their time treating overdoses and mollycoddling junkies?
Cops are literally social workers now in most populated areas because of the manufactured opioid crisis.
Everything is manufactured , people, everything.
The left are not lying for once when they say this, they just twist and contort and manipulate what is being manufactured , why , who and how and all that stuff.
We all know they want the beaners and the dope here and that is why they are here.


these jews have the utter nerve to blame a shutdown for their zionist manufactured immigration takeover in America.


In a sane society it would have been.


These are the people who brought us the Russian conspiracy theory, yet would have us believe the border crisis is manufactured.


i ask people all the time -“what will it take for our government to shut down these seditious ,slanderous media outlets who create all this havoc with their lying and one sided political partisanship” and most people think these kikes have the “right” to break these laws (sedition and slander are illegal) and subvert the minds of the entire nation.
I almost always mention how they are responsible for things like Ferguson and most nigger riots where cities are wrecked and burned to the ground and things are stolen from literally every store while worthless niggers are permitted to loot and destroy things while the worthless police stand by and watch.
Often times the media calls for revenge attacks against whites who defend themselves against niggers when they aren’t arrested when Jamal tries to car jack them in their driveway…
I think this nearly happened the other day when the shooter who killed those niggers was identified as a “white man” who looked like mark dice.
The niggers were already stewing and starting to threaten to destroy things and chimp out and this was all because the enemy jüdenpresse is permitted to lie and create chaos every time they open their evil yid mouths.
I used to think the democrats and ZOG controlled the media , now i know the media are the ZOG and they control both parties.