Jew Holocaust Hoax Monument to Be Built Next to British Parliament


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The Holocaust hoax is the gift that keeps on giving for the Jews. There are literally endless numbers of memorials and monuments that have been setup memorializing something that never happened.

This is why they’ve lobbied for laws throughout Europe to criminalize questioning their official hoax narrative surrounding shower room gas chambers, soap and lampshades. Any serious analysis of these events proves conclusively that they are a big hoax.

Yet despite this, the British have decided to build a monument to this retarded lie next to their parliament building. It’s retarded as all fuck.


Theresa May has given her strong backing, as has every living former prime minister, to plans for a Holocaust education centre on a site next to the Houses of Parliament.

Proposals for the memorial and museum, in Victoria Tower Gardens next to the River Thames in central London, have sparked a backlash because of the loss of green space and trees their construction would entail.

A “Save Victoria Tower Gardens” campaign is urging members of the public to protest, and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (Icomos), which advises Unesco on world heritage sites, has objected, warning that the proposal would have a “massive visual impact”.

But the prime minister will on Tuesday insist that building the centre on the site has an important symbolic meaning.

They even put out a video with various British prime ministers of the past including the war criminal Tony Blair talking about how important this memorial is.

They’re not even allowing comments on it, knowing full well that people will be all over it calling out the Holocaust as a big Jew hoax. But the good news is that the video has been heavily down voted.

All of these Holocaust memorials should be immediately torn down. It’s just a way for Jews to guilt White people into believing that they’re perpetual victims even though they’re the most privileged people on the planet.

Everything about Western civilization today is centered around this ridiculous idea that if White people have their own nations, Whites will start putting Jews in shower room gas chambers. That’s literally the only explanation we are given as far as why we can’t have our own countries and have to put up with all this flood of nigger filth that has infested our lands.

But it’s funny how Theresa May can’t figure out how to do Brexit but can immediately find a way to get a hoax monument built. What an evil bitch. She should move to Israel if she loves the Jews so much.


Check out these Jew hating tree huggers.


IDGF as long as they include a proportionate monument to all of the other 20th Century genocides that actually happened, so the Chinese genocide memorial would be 10x larger and the Russian Christian memorial 5x, and I don’t know how they would calculate the Kampuchean (now Cambodia) monument where they lost a third of their population to Pol Pot’s communist revolution. They could turn all of Londonistan’s open spaces into monuments to death, that would keep those Passover worshipers happy.


Welcome to the greatest shoah on earth.


Britain is infamous for pushing the holohoax - and why? Because it’s cover for the fact that the British had far, far more to do with starting WW2 than the Germans.


Expect more of this In-Your-Face-Holocaust-BS as the Holocaust becomes A) more questioned or B) ignored by younger generations


The Noahide order in all his splendor.
Britain is a jew owned country since Cromwell revolution, even the royal family are cryto jews. They shouldn’t have jews in britain has the royal decree who have expelled them is always effective, the gouvernement don’t respect it that it.

Did she plan to build a memorial for Dresden victims of the killer Churchill too ? no of course, despite than this war have made 140 millions of death around the world they focused only on jews.

That dirty hunchback hag have screw up british people vote, now they’re force to vote for a election of a union than they are supposed to quit. It’s just plain rape of the people decision. Than she go to hell!


Exactly, Hitler have do everything for stop war and Britain have do everything to reject peace treaty.


The youngers will do the two.


These are also a show of dominance. Like that disgusting menorah out front of the White house


Um…any proposed monuments or memorials to the British troops that were killed in Palestine between VE Day and 1948?


Ha! they should also have a memorial to the King David Hotel bombing at the entrance to the new Hollowcost memorial. The British soldiers murdered by jewish terrorists (such as Polish jew Menachem Begin) should not be forgotten.


Comments have been shut down by Jewtube. Don’t want goyim venting their feelings . Goyim will let their guns & rifles do the talking .


The Whitehouse have stop to being white since Obama, all a symbol.
It’s more the Menorah House!


Yeah they should ask to the british soldiers who were post in Palestine what hell the jews put them through, they know who’s the real terrorists are.