Jew-Hag Ginsberg is DYING! YIPPIE!


the nightmare hag, Ginsberg was appointed by Bill POS Clinton and has done immeasurable harm to our bill of rights and freedoms… just like many here thought. the fake news was downplaying her illness telling us that she was “back at work” when IN FACT she was still in the hospital. she’s so sick that she can no longer sit to hear oral arguments which MEANS that she can’t do her job. it won’t be long now BUT when a justice gets this close to death there has to be a legal mechanism to have her removed from the bench. clearly she’s just playing the role of spoiler and has her mind made up as to how she will vote without hearing the arguments. it’s not likely that she will read the minutes of the hearings either. SHE’S LITTLE MORE THAN A LIBERAL ROBOT VOTING MACHINE and as such should be immediately forcibly REMOVED and a new justice put in her place.


Yeah this is why the kike movie industry is canonizing this evil reptile yid

They know she is headed back to satans pits in hell soon with her demon ancestors


what the jew-filth are trying to do is get Trump to pick a jew to replace the hag. in this regard, i have no faith what so ever in, Trump since he’s jewed to the max in all aspects of his life.


@MightyWhitey Good point, the jews will demand that Drimp nominate another yid to replace that ugly old bat. And he’ll do it, too.