Jew Facebook Bans RT America Correspondent


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These Jewish social media companies like Facebook are really stepping up their censorship game. They’ve already banned anti-Semites, racists, conspiracy theorists and Donald Trump supporters. But now, they’re going after normal individuals who happen to work for Russian media outlets.

An RT America correspondent named Rachel Blevins was just banned from Facebook with no explanation.

It couldn’t be any more obvious that these Jewish social media sites are not neutral platforms. They are banning all sorts of people for dubious political reasons. In other words, if you do something that Jews are not comfortable with, you’ll be banned. They have a literal army of thought police to do this work.

This type of thing is only going to get worse until there is a major crackdown by the federal government. These sites need to be regulated and anti-trust laws need to be brought down on them.


clearly the jew censorship is designed to interfere with the elections process. we have to assume that Trump is waiting till after the mid-terms to take action but this is a mistake.


That’s only a small part of it. It’s like a skirmish and has a small tactical value. The strategic importance is that the internet started to put out actual news on alternative news sites on it, exposing the jews as the subversive entities behind Globalism and white genocide is their endgame.