Jew ADL Gives Apple's Fag CEO Award for Censoring Speech


Originally published at: Jew ADL Gives Apple’s Fag CEO Award for Censoring Speech |

The Jewish terrorist organization known as the Anti-Defamation League just gave Apple’s faggot CEO Tim Cook an award for censoring speech.

This video from Mark Dice sums up the situation pretty well. Dice even called out the ADL as a Jewish organization.

Basically what happened here is that these filthy ADL kikes invented an award to give to people who censor political opinions that Jews don’t like. Figures that Cook would be the inaugural recipient.

In accepting this bullshit award, Cook bashed White supremacists as evil. This despite the fact that Apple’s iTunes continues to host all sorts of garbage from hateful nigger rap artists.

Cook is a hypocrite and a degenerate dick sucker. No man who sucks another man’s penis has the right to lecture anybody about what is moral and what is not.


I used to watch a lot of Mark Dice but his new stance is very alt-light.


Yeah, he doesn’t go all the way but his videos which mostly focus on the larger culture war are still useful. They’re basically Tucker Carlson tier. And to his credit he did call out the Jew ADL in this video.

He might even be a crypto White nationalist at this point.


My only problem with him is he thinks Republicans will save us.


Our nationalist government needs to seize the assets of the jews and kick their asses out of our white Christian European nation and if they wont do it , we should be considering statewide militias that dont rely on social media to communicate to overthrow our feckless ,enemy ZOG and then remove the said above mentioned jews physically ourselves.

Maybe the white Euro-races of Wiemerica and what allies we do have who aren’t white (they are out there) can pull off what the Third Reich couldn’t and actually put millions of these satanic creatures out of their misery and send them back to hell where they belong.
I know it seems like we are a very far way off from this scenario , but i would tend to disagree , this nation is a powder keg.
I also understand that this type of talk isn’t really promoted or tolerated on this website and i can respect that but it must be considered that we cannot vote our way out of this.
They cannot be negotiated with.
They cannot be tolerated anymore.
They will not leave on their own and many ,many of the police and military are on our side.
I understand that large city police forces are very anti white but the cops where i live are decent people , white people.
The courts and the jewdicial system are a huge part of our problem as well.


That guy looks and acts like a total rim-job.


In the past I tried to be tolerant of queers, but I now see that they all need to be sent to concentration camps.



They should just be executed.
They are mentally ill and perverse and go against the creators plan of procreation and life.
This is the agenda of evil, the inversion of reality , so is there any doubt why the jew pushes this degenerate and utterly evil and self destructive lifestyle??
Homosexuality is the inversion obviously of normal sexuality.
This is a satanic ritual for secret societies and other various controller groups to use as blackmail against the non-kosher traitors in the ZOG and in jewish owned propaganda machines like pop culture and the enemy media.
Inverting signs is part of their symbolism but inverting society and reality is also another part of the inversion tactic.
Creating worldwide chaos through sin and degeneracy is what these evil kikes believe will usher in armageddon and the antiChrist system.


This could also work…give them one last high and say goodbye to the world, fag.