Jeffrey Epstein was in a business partnership with Ehud Barak



i’ll betcha that Uncle Eppy was involved in 9/11…


I wouldnt be surprised if he was involved on some level, he’s clearly a mossad asset, they’ll have a tough time covering this guys footsteps now that the media are on his case.


if he is mossad they won’t divulge. this pos didn’t get insanely rich by following laws.


I think Blackpilled did the best analysis so far.


There has got to be some reason Epstein is suddenly being thrown to the wolves. Cui bono?


Damage limitation? The cats out of the bag and its a hell of a fat cat.


omg… the connections to Epstein and TrumpCo are incredible. Bill Barr’s dad hired Epstein to work as a math teacher in the 70’s.


Indeed. Liberals complain of nepotism because of Ivanka as they should, but it’s far worse than that. And it goes way before Trump ever showed up.

We already knew what a corrupt prick Mueller was which is why I never trusted the guy to investigate anything. Now seeing Coney’s daughter following in her dad’s footsteps really raises some red flags.


The problem is now everyone knows and they can’t just cover it up so easily anymore.


they cover it up over and over again because they have control over The Fake News. everyone knows that 9/11 was an inside job and so too was The Kennedy Assassination.


The judgement day is very near, my friends.