Jeff Sessions Goes After Legal Marijuana


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WTF are you doing Jeff? There's bigger fish to fry than cracking down on legal marijuana!

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General has in my view been the biggest disappointment of Donald Trump's entire cabinet. His handling of the Russia kookspiracy nonsense was terrible, he still hasn't appointed a special counsel to look into the criminality of Hillary Clinton, he's done nothing about the criminal conspiracy to shut down the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and he hasn't done nearly enough to go after the violent savages roaming around our country.

But get this, he has time to go after legal marijuana. This is just dumb.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, creating new confusion about enforcement and use just three days after a new legalization law went into effect in California.

President Donald Trump’s top law enforcement official announced the change Thursday. Instead of the previous lenient-federal-enforcement policy, Sessions’ new stance will instead let federal prosecutors where marijuana is legal decide how aggressively to enforce longstanding federal law prohibiting it.

Sessions’ plan drew immediate strong objection from Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, one of eight states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Gardner said in a tweet that the Justice Department “has trampled on the will of the voters” in Colorado and other states. He said the action would contradict what Sessions had told him before the attorney general was confirmed and that he was prepared “to take all steps necessary” to fight the step including holding up the confirmation of Justice Department nominees.

Sessions rescinded the policy by president Barack Obama’s Justice Department that has generally barred federal law enforcement officials from interfering with marijuana sales in states where the drug is legal.

This might contradict other people's views in the movement, but I do believe marijuana should be legal. Marijuana is just a plant and it seems to have some legitimate medical applications. I also believe that it is a wasteful use of government resources to go after people who grow or smoke a plant. At the same time, it should not be abused nor should its use be glorified. We would not see rampant marijuana abuse or its use glorified in a healthy society. It's obviously a much different scenario in Jew clown world.

But regardless of your opinion on this subject, there’s far bigger fish to fry than this. Why is this a priority? The public overwhelmingly supports marijuana legalization.

Several states have already legalized it so this move by Sessions is just going to create confusion and alienation. You could also argue that there’s a Tenth Amendment State’s Rights issue with this type of federal enforcement.

Maybe after we put Hillary Clinton in jail and remove all the violent savages from our streets we can take a second look at the best way to deal with marijuana. But now is not the right time for this discussion. It also doesn’t make sense from a political standpoint when there’s significant public support for its legalization.


The CIA controls a lot of the international drug trade including the flow of dope into the US so of course they don’t want pot legalized and probably had their hands in Sweet Jeff’s decision- besides, what would all of these worthless, roided-up cops do if they couldn’t kick in some doors over a few marijuana cigarettes?


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Exactly, it’s a waste of resources. If we had a healthy culture people wouldn’t be smoking dope all day. Our society functioned better in the 19th century and we had no laws outlawing marijuana.


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I think that even opium could be legally bought in the US without a prescription until some time in the 1840’s.


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