James Mattis Does Interview and Says Lots of Insane Shit


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I happened to hear this James Mattis interview with Fox News live on satellite radio yesterday when I was in my car. It left me believing that this guy has gone completely insane.

This man is the Secretary of Defense and in charge of all American military forces around the world. Yet instead of representing American interests, it is clear that he is more concerned with Jewish interests. During this interview, he promoted every stupid Jewish foreign policy narrative you could possibly think of. The shit he said about Russia was particularly nuts.

He said that Russia was bad because they allegedly interfered in the 2018 midterms but provided no concrete evidence that they did this. Apparently he believes that any random Russian person posting information on the Internet is enough to accuse them of election interference.

He also criticized Russia for defending their territory following provocative actions by Ukrainian naval ships.

Other than Russia, he called Iran a major military threat. As if the Iranians whose country is many thousands of miles away, has the military capabilities to attack the United States. Maybe Mattis thinks Israel is the 51st state of the United States and is confused. That’s the only explanation I can think of for these very bizarre statements.

Besides that, he just rambled incoherently about how we have to protect democracy and this is why we need our military everywhere around the world.

Of course, this guy also has a soft spot for trannies and thinks it is wrong to not allow trannies to serve in the military. So based on that, we already figured out that he had lost his mind.

POTUS should probably replace him, but I have no idea who he could nominate that would actually make it through the Senate confirmation process. There aren’t many good options here.


He is mad as the proverbial meat axe, a very dangerous provocateur. Nato and “democracy” is the problem, not Putin.


This aggression against Beto/NATO will not stand, man



Mattis the mad dog looks like he is possessed by a demonic spirit. (((They))) show us in hollyweird that it only happens to kids but if you were a demon and could pick who you possessed a little girl or a military general.


Mattis isn’t married, which for a general is unheard of. He’s also into trannies. ZOG’s mercenary force is a joke.


I could only listen to 5 mins of the interview. f you didn’t know it was Mattis, you would think it was some clown on CNN with the Russian meddling, Israel is our greatest ally, etc. The only thing missing was Netanyahu in the background pulling the puppet strings as he is talking.


Once the new Senate is in session, with 53 Republicans, Trump ought to be able to replace this nut fairly easily.



Didn’t Barry Obongo’s admin purge all the conservative and right wing Generals ? I guess a Zio shitbag like Mathis is exactly what the DC swamp ordered.


Trump administration Swamp Creatures are ratcheting-up the war rhetoric against Russia. ironically, it was NATO who is surrounding Russia with military bases because Putin is weening himself from the corrupt FED jew-dollar but this truth will never be reveled to the US masses via The Fake News… what other countries have also eschewed the corrupt jew-dollar? Venezuela, China, Iran, Syria and all of them are on the hit-list… all the countries that the Evil USA invaded were invaded over the dollar, not the 9/11 bullshit… it’s disturbing to see Fox news feeding the masses such fake news. WWIII is inevitable. stockpile food, ammo and supplies.


i doubt it. Trump is totally controlled.


That tweet by Laurence Tribe provides yet more proof that everything the jew wants is the exact opposite of what human beings want. Jews will NEVER be able to assimilate into gentile society, all they want to do is destroy their host nation and lay their eggs in its wreckage.