James Fields Claims Self-Defense Against Terrorist Mob


Originally published at: James Fields Claims Self-Defense Against Terrorist Mob | Infostormer.com

So after 15 months, the James Fields trial is finally underway. He’s reportedly claiming self-defense against the anti-fascist terrorist mob that was roaming the streets. The trial is expected to last three weeks.

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen here. There’s obviously an agenda to crucify him and the fact that the trial is being held in Charlottesville makes matters worse. He’s being charged with murder and all sorts of other bullshit trumped up charges. At least the fact that it’s being held in Charlottesville should give him grounds for appeal. No sane person would suggest that he’d be able to get a fair trial there considering everything that’s gone on.

Obviously the murder charge is comical. He didn’t go to Charlottesville with the intent of killing Heather Heyer or anyone else. The fat bitch died of a heart attack and there’s no visual proof that I’ve seen showing her getting hit by the car Fields was driving.

Of course, I have zero faith in the so-called American justice system. If it was a real justice system, people like Hillary Clinton would be rotting away in jail as we speak. But we do not have a real justice system. Instead, we have a justice system that’s based entirely on selective enforcement.

So somebody like Fields will get the book thrown at him where as anti-fascist terrorists are allowed to violently attack anybody they want with no legal ramifications.


yes, NPR with dripping sarcasm told their listeners of Fields’ “self-defense” claim but didn’t delve into the reasoning behind his defense because they obviously don’t want people to know that Fields car was being attacked by insane leftists and one of them was chasing him with an assault rifle.

if they can broadcast the OJ trial they should do the same with this trial. the people need to know the truth of what happened. to this day everyone thinks that Heyer was killed by ‘the car’. when Fields walks free and the real evidence is exposed, the FAKE NEWS will decry ‘INJUSTICE’ to cover their fakery.


Someone managed to snapped a pic of Heather Heyer as she suffered her heart attack


Of course I’m outraged that Fields is being held as a political prisoner of ZOG, but I also feel bad about his cool car being wrecked. I honestly don’t give a damn about what happened to any of the anti-white terrorists. Too bad they weren’t all killed.


That’s got to be the worst, most unprofessional court room sketch I’ve ever seen. Unbelievably bad.


I would consider myself fully justified in flooring it if a mob were blocking the street and attacking my car with bats and various weapons.


That’s quite a flattering image of the umquhile Miss Heyer. I had no idea she was so svelte.


Fields has already been convicted in the court of public opinion and by the jew media. He has no chance of getting a fair trial. Even if all the evidence is in his favor, he will still get convicted in order to keep Antifa from rioting. That’s what is really comes down to, keeping the peace. As long as we stay silent when one of our own goes down, we will always lose. The squeaky wheel gets the most grease.


it is time for )))us((( to make some noise