Italy to Brainwash Children With Climate Change Propaganda


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The Italian government has announced a plan to brainwash children with all sorts of stupid climate change apocalypse propaganda.

CBS News:

Italian students in every grade are about to get schooled in the climate emergency facing our planet. Learning about climate change and sustainability will soon be compulsory for all students across the country, education minister Lorenzo Fioramonti announced Tuesday.

According to Fioramonti, Italy is the first country to adopt a climate change curriculum in public schools. Starting next school year, schools will be required to dedicate 33 hours per year — almost one hour per school week — to discussing the challenges of climate change, Reuters reports.

Fioramonti is a 42-year-old lawmaker for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement party, which has a history of supporting environmental policies. He said sustainability lessons will be worked into several traditional subjects, including geography, math and physics.

This is obviously insane. They’re going to scare children into believing that the planet is doomed and we are all going to die in 10 years if we keep emitting fossil fuels into the atmosphere. These people can fuck off with this shit.

But this type of stupid doomsday climate propaganda has been pushed for years. This is just the first instance of a government formalizing it and specifically targeting children with these lies.

Hopefully Matteo Salvini wins big in the next Italian election and reverses all this madness. This is just dumb.


I look forward to the triumphant return of Salvini.



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