Israeli Jew Claims Nazis Murdered Over 14,000 Jews a Day


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These Jews just don’t want to give it up with their Holocaust fairy tales. An Israeli Jew is claiming that Nazis killed over 14,000 Jews a day because of information he read on train schedules.

LA Times:

In the ledger of evils perpetrated by humans, Operation Reinhard holds a special place. Over the course of 21 months starting in March 1942, Nazi forces and their collaborators rounded up 1.7 million Jews from 393 Polish towns and ghettos and dispatched them in tightly packed rail cars to three camps in German-occupied Poland — Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec.

At these three killing centers, members of Poland’s once-thriving Jewish community were murdered with such efficiency and ruthlessness that, of roughly 1.5 million Jews who passed through their gates, a mere 102 would survive to bear witness. By November 1943, when Operation Reinhard ended, essentially no Polish Jews were left for the Germans to kill.

In a bid to capture the scope and intensity of genocidal killing sprees, a Tel Aviv University researcher has dissected Operation Reinhard and found its dark heart.

Biomathematician Lewi Stone drew upon a painstaking accounting of Nazi train schedules to analyze the “kill rate” of Jews between February 1942 and December 1944. Within Operation Reinhard’s 21-month campaign of extermination, he discovered a 92-day period that stands out for its ferocity.

In August, September and October of 1942, he calculated, German forces and their allies in Poland killed at least 1.32 million Jews. That averages out to 14,348 per day, every day. Virtually all of the victims were from Poland and its immediate neighbors.

How does information on train schedules prove that Nazis killed 14,000 Jews a day? This is not evidence of anything. This kike is assuming that because some Jews took a train ride somewhere that they were killed in shower room gas chambers by Nazis.

It is logistically impractical to believe that Nazis were able to cycle 14,000 Jews a day through shower room gas chambers. Not only would they have to kill them in the shower room gas chambers but then they would have to figure out a way to get rid of their bodies.

Of course, there’s no evidence of any shower room gas chamber facilities ever existing in the first place. The Jews have made up this retarded story of six million Jews being gassed in shower rooms to make the world think they’re perpetual victims. This despite the fact that they are the single most privileged and wealthy group of people on the planet.

We’re tired of hearing about this dumb hoax you filthy kikes. If all of these things really happened, there’d be no reason for you to get laws passed making it illegal to question it. And the more you cry about this dumb hoax, the fewer people are going to give a shit about it let alone believe it.


They can’t even get their story straight regarding this ‘research’ of the jew Lewi Stone. The L.A. Times version says:

“In August, September and October of 1942, [Stone] calculated, German forces and their allies in Poland killed at least 1.32 million Jews. That averages out to 14,348 per day, every day.”

The Daily Fail has a different take:

"Using estimates of the number of victims on each transport, Mr Stone calculated that at least 15,000 people were being killed every day over a three-month period in August, September and October 1942.

In total, he believes 1.47million people were murdered in the gas chambers and by shooting during this time period…"

One version has 1.47 million, which divided by 92 days is 15,978 per day. The other is 1.32 million over the same 92 days, which is 14,348 daily.

Even taking the lower figure of 1.32 million “killed”, open-air cremations using the green wood available at the eastern camps would require 300 kg of wood per body, which amounts to 396,000 tonnes of wood. Funny thing is, no one ever saw any evidence of massive open-air burnings or massive deforestation, and no mass graves were found - apart from the Katyn massacre that was perpetrated by the Soviets.


In contrast, mass graves were indeed found after the 1994 Rwandan genocide.


clearly you aren’t thinking this through because you have an inferior Goyim brain… that’s where the “electric floor” comes in! after the gassing you just hit the switch and turn the jews into ashes. an inquiring mind might wonder why use gas at all when you have an electric floor. the answer to this is obvious! because the evil germans delighted in watching the jews suffer. next question, please.

when the masses learn that ISRAEL did 9/11 and that The Federal Reserve is neither and that The Holocaust is a lie, they will need draconian laws to protect them from an angry goyim torch wielding mob.


They don’t even bother to make the story believable.


lol… it’s called, “desperation”… the P’sos didn’t count on the worldwide free-exchange of information on this new fangled internet thingy. it’s a revolutionary communication device which is why they are so desperate now to stifle it… imagine trying to dismantle decades of institutionalized lies with physical fliers like The Skinheads were doing on street corners in the 80’s.


The holohoax never happened…BUT IT’S GOING TO.:star_of_david::gun::boom::coffin::santa:


Wow! That’s a lot of Jew meat burgers!


I love this topic because I get to neg da shoah with the Rwandan Genocide.

Taking the Official Narratives at face value for the purposes of argument (vs NPCs):

The death rate of the Rwandan Genocide easily exceeded the death rate of the Jewish holocaust.

That’s right; a bunch of 70 IQ niggers killed more people with machetes every day than the Monstrous Industrial Death Machine of the Nazi Holocaust, powered by the German State.

I wrote this up, a few years back:


Yeah that’s the problem with retcons; you have to make your narrative work over top of the existing narrative. And it’s really hard when you’re producing “non fiction.”


I’ve been a Holohoax skeptic since the mid-90s. These days I get a little bored going down the statistical rabbit hole, but the “eye-witness” fantasy accounts by lying old kikes are an endless source of amusement.


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