Israel to seek $250bn from Arab countries that expelled Jews to ‘restore their rightful property’


“Israel will demand $250 billion in compensation from seven Arab countries and Iran for assets left by Jews forced to flee after the creation of the State of Israel, in an effort to correct the “historic injustice” of the pogroms.”


Commentators say the timing of the Israeli move may be in-step with the Trump administration, which plans to unveil its Middle East peace plan imminently.

Both Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu hope that Arab countries will back the US proposal, believed to be a take-it-or-leave-it deal, and the new Israeli compensation claims could therefore be ‘dropped’ as a bargaining chip.


The kikes are really going out of their way to be good neighbors, aren’t they? No, they never provoke anyone with their endless demands and extortion schemes.


It never ends with these Jews. Israel was founded on expelling people from their land through terrorism.

Guess it is only fitting that they’re demanding billions from Arab countries who expelled Jews for their bad own behavior. But I doubt we’ll see them pay reparations to the Palestinians for expelling them. The hypocrisy of the Jew holds no bounds.


And why should I care? I personally don’t care about the conflict between Arabs and Jews along that no I expect us the white people to pick up the pieces.


You know the third world had a choice to be under European relm but instead chose to be independence yet refuses to take the responsibility of Independence.I mean it’s not our job to protect you it’s not our job to feed you it’s not our job to be your day care. Whatever problems you have is a result of turning away European rule. I don’t want to hear Jews complain about synagogues being bombed by Arabs and Arabs complaining about their house is being bombed by Jews. I don’t want to hear Africans complain about starvation. And I don’t want to hear about violence in Latin America. I do not care


Actually a good idea, give them a taste of their own medicine, just read a comment on RT that suggests all victims of “refugess” in Germany shoud the scum that imported them…