Is the Daily Stormer Down?


Couldn’t call the bbs up this morning - could still call DS, but now can get neither. Tried on two different systems.

Anyone else having problems?


It was down publicly. They have added new DDoS protection on the public site. It’s been up and down but it seems to be fine now.


I can get the DS but not the BBS.


What system/browser are you using?

Tried on Brave and Chrome - behind a VPN. Also Safari and Brave on the iPhone.

Still cannot get the bbs.


The bbs has been down all night for me. I use the tor with brave, but tried with Opera and Chrome both and nada.

Main page is up, showing comments too. But, IDK how old they are.


Surprisingly the bbs started working for me on my iPhone last night - but only if I went in through the DS site first.

This morning, on Brave, what I did was this: Disable the “connections encrypted” and the bbs popped right up!

If you click on the Brave lion in the search function for Brave that’s where it should be - I’m still behind a VPN.

Hope this works for you. Looks like a lot of other people are locked out too, fewer posters.


I got the DS today, after some issues.


BBS has been down for me as well.


I can get to the main site page but I can’t get to the BBS.

Did Interpol finally get Anglin and shut the forum down forever? j/k

I am concerned though. It’s been down for a while.

I tried Tor, FireFox and MS Edge which is my main browser I usually use.


Weev said that their CDN is having issues. You can access it on tor…


http://bbs.dstormer6em3i4km.onion 2


http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion 1

I’m told you can do it with the Brave browser, but I’ve only used the onion browser, so I can’t say for sure that that works.


As others have mentioned… the site has been having networking problems over the past 24-36 hours or so.

It should hopefully be resolved soon.


Appears to be down again - after both being up this morning - on both my iPhone and MacBook.

Link does not work on my Brave browser.

I’ve struggled using the onion browser - and cannot get the bbs to load properly.

Hopefully, it will straighten itself out ASAP.


It’s reasons like this why I still run and maintain this site. It’s obscenely difficult to keep sites like these online considering all the services we’ve been banned from.


Yes. I also imagine sites like this are under relentless attack by Jews every minute of every day.

Kudos to you, weev and whoever else helps you and Anglin keep this and DS up and going.

Both of you provide a vital service for us.

FTR, the DS bbs is working on my iPhone but not on my MacBook.


Thanks - I can only do this stuff part time unfortunately.

I’m just glad that my efforts have been useful and worthwhile to you folks.


Now I can’t seem to get on the BBS no matter what I try. From normie web I get a blank page or 404 error. On onion/tor I try to sign in and the screen freezes.

Edit: I lowered my security settings on my Onion browser, and can get in. It’s clunky, but it works.

Edit 2: I downloaded the Brave Browser on my iPhone and had no trouble getting in with normieweb.



I’ve been struggling with the main site and bbs for about three days now - very frustrating! I can get one or the other on my iPhone on Brave - then I can’t. I can get one or the other - or neither - on my MacPro with Brave, then I can’t. It changes hour to hour.

At the current time, I can get the bbs on my MacPro with Brave - but not on my iPhone.

Hope it gets straightened out soon - every time one of these glitches happens, the bbs loses commenters.

I’m sure weev will get it straightened out. He always does…


@Bon You should post here more often,


I know Herr Stormer is busy hiking around the Obersalzberg like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, but I do wish he would devote more time to this website. It is an oasis of sanity in a world gone mad. 59bac3c7d8247