Is the Daily Stormer a comedy site?


I just read an article by “Spartacus” , ( a name loved by homosexuals) which finished off with this…

“The US, on the other hand, has that pesky 1st Amendment thing that was put there by the White supremacists who founded America so they can oppress blacks, Indians, Irish and other non-Whites by hurting their feelings, so the kikes have to take a more hands-on approach there.”

Last time i looked the Irish were white, and the icing on the cake is the header contains a photo of the clearly white Liam Neeson who happens to be Irish.Am I missing some kind of satire??


Yes, and by a very wide margin. The satire is something that has confused many people. Try to get a general feel for the site by reading several articles over a period, & then I think that you’ll be able to tell for yourself what is satirical and what isn’t. And Spartacus is one of their most celebrated gay-bashers. The humor & satire on DS is one of the reasons why traffic on that site has not fallen off so much in the last couple of months when even V-Dare & AmRen are seeing diminished traffic.


Spartacus is well known for his cringeworthy posts but with an element of comedy and targeted humor at the clown world we live in.
Never lose your sense of humor, you can use it as a source of strength and strategy.