Inmates allegedly scammed hundreds of U.S. service members in 'sextortion' ring


Thursday, November 29th 2018, 1:18 PM EST

(WIS) A total of 15 prison inmates in North and South Carolina have been indicted on charges that they took part in a “sextortion” ring targeting U.S. military members.

The two-year, multi-state investigation, dubbed “Operation: Surprise Party” alleges that 15 people inside and outside of the Department of Corrections used contraband cellphones to extort more than 400 service members through online dating websites posing as young women.

When the inmate would begin an online relationship with the service member, U.S. District Attorney Sherri Lydon says inmates would send nude photos of a woman and ask for nudes in return.

Once the service member sent their nude photos, the inmate would pose as the young woman’s father and demand money in exchange for not being reported to officers for having nude photos of an underaged woman.

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lol… if these inmates would use this much ingenuity to start businesses, they’d all be rich and out of jail.


Most can’t get a good job because they use drugs like most people. But they were caught and now have a felony for drugs. I would say imo most first offenders are there because of drugs and are not violent…yet.