Injustice Rules as James Fields Gets Life in Prison


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James Fields was just sentenced to life in prison because a fat cunt named Heather Heyer died of a heart attack in the midst of a minor car accident he was involved with after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville back in 2017. The car accident was the direct result of his car being attacked by anti-fascist terrorists. But since the judicial system is corrupt, he is being put in prison for the rest of his life while the real terrorists continue to walk the streets. He is being put in prison simply because he has political views that people in the Jewish establishment don’t like.

Some cock sucking asshole from the government said that this sentence was appropriate. That cock sucking asshole from the government is also a vile lying piece of shit.

Fields deserves a presidential pardon. He also deserves a new Dodge Challenger automobile that was ruined as a result of those fuckhead anti-fascists who were blocking a public way. What happened to his Dodge Challenger was the most tragic thing that happened that day. That car was definitely more valuable than that fat bitch who died or any of the anti-fascist fucktards and niggers who got run into because they were illegally blocking the street.

This sentence is a gross miscarriage of justice. He should be immediately set free.

Unfortunately, some people don’t see it this way. It’s like they’re living in an alternative universe and can’t process basic facts.

GOOD! #LockHimUp

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 28, 2019


James Fields is a political prisoner. This is a monstrous injustice.


He also should get the funds to replace his car.


He already got 419 years in the state trial. The federal trial gave him life. Hopefully there will be a U.N. trial where he gets life and a Galactic Federation trial where he gets another life sentence. That will show those racists!


If he were a nigger he would already be set free. Since he’s White they have to go that extra mile with the prosecution. Even that fat cunt’s fat mom stated that her daughter had a heart attack.


Bunch of horseshit. She did not get run over. She was obese. The combination of heat and drinking, smoking and adrenaline was too much for her heart and it gave out.



Total Hoax
Her own mothers words were- “She didn’t suffer , she died from a heart attack”…
Starts at 0:38



watch this all the way though. the head nigger gets DEATH and that’s good but the other niggers don’t and a three might get off. watch the father of Channon when the evil nigger who rapped, beat, sodomized and chemically tortured his daughter enters the court. he wants get his hands on these niggers which are now protected by “the system”. all five should be slowly, publicly sawed in half lengthwise.


In a sane and just world these niggers entire lineages would be wiped out…


exactly… they should allow the families of Channon and Christian to do whatever they want to them.


While it is great he gets death, it’s not the answer to the problem. The answer is separation.


the answer is genocide which should have been done long ago before liberals began helping these savages.


Don Jr is a complete faggot - he and his Old Man must sit around and have a good laugh at how they put one over on the goyim.


Don Jr. is a cowardly pos trophy hunter. he thinks that shooting an elephant makes him a big man. the entire Trump family is a scourge on the planet. there is no fucking way i’d ever vote for The Orange Goon but the rallies will be full of stupid people cheering this scumbag on…


Yes - that is pretty bad - I hunt small game but can’t even bring myself to shoot a coyote.


i understand hunting but not killing for fun. it’s a sickness like liberalism.


I wonder why we haven’t heard from the mother? Supposedly his grandfather was Jewish. I’m not sure that’s the reason, or maybe a combination of that and his mother crying about her son, doesn’t exactly make good propaganda.


The “suspects” will go on to commit other crimes and kill other people before they are brought to justice.