Indiana bill would put 'In God We Trust,' religious studies in public school classrooms


Indiana could become the latest state to add “In God We Trust” posters to its classrooms and it could offer elective religious studies at its public schools under a bill being considered in the state House.

Critics call the bill “blatantly unconstitutional.”

State Sen. Dennis Kruse drafted the “Education matters” bill, which would require public and charter schools to display both the U.S. and Indiana state flag along with the national motto “In God We Trust” on posters in each classroom and library.


Mainstream religion these days consists of little more than Racism Bad. The left should love it.


Too little, too late. Demographics and vote rigging are where it’s at.

Classes on the Bible and the Constitution aren’t going to cut it. This stuff gets lawsuits even if offered as merely an available elective anyway.

TL;DR “Education matters” - not to brown imported turd worlders

“protect religious freedom, preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and promote prayer”



Meanwhile, in Toledo: