"I'm Not White" - "I'm Jewish"


Originally published at: “I’m Not White” – “I’m Jewish” | Infostormer.com


If you’ve ever wondered why people hate Jews, just listen to this poem recited by this privileged Jewish bitch.

Jews have unlimited amounts of privilege but maintain that they are the most oppressed through their obsessive whining about shower room gas chambers that never existed.

They attack us as privileged despite them being the richest most well connected racial group on the planet. Jews control vast resources in the financial, media, technology and entertainment sectors yet still maintain that they are oppressed.

They constantly claim that they are White to misdirect their crimes on to us and spread propaganda that is harmful to us.

This poem in a nutshell encapsulates all of that.

Is it any surprise that more and more Whites are growing to hate these people? Your hatred for Jews will probably increase after you watch this clip. It will make you wish that the shower room gas chambers were real.




LOL… It’s a “slam poem” :grin:
This ratfaced kike skank just doesn’t realize it’s her and her tribe that are gonna get slammed… headfirst straight into pizza ovens.


That jew bitch’s YouTube video has rec’d almost 500 dislikes and only 1/10 the number of likes…Maybe the Saxon is finally begining to hate?