Illegal Alien Got 60 Days in Prison for Raping Dog to Death


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Here we have a story about an illegal alien who was convicted of raping a dog to death and served 60 days in prison.


An illegal alien convicted of raping a dog to death was released by the sanctuary state of Oregon after being sentenced to just 60 days in prison.

As Breitbart News reported, illegal alien Fidel Lopez, 52-years-old, was convicted last month and sentenced to 60 days in prison after raping his girlfriend’s small Lhasa Apso which led to the dog’s death. The judge in the case said he would have given the illegal alien more prison time but that 60 days is the maximum sentence allowed in Oregon.

Following his sentence, Lopez was immediately released because he had already served 60 days while waiting to stand trial. Despite his illegal alien status, Multnomah County, Oregon officials released Lopez back into the community.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency had requested that the illegal alien be turned over to them for deportation should he be released from prison. The sanctuary state officials ignored the ICE request and released the illegal alien into the public.

“On April 8, Lopez was convicted of sexual assault of an animal and aggravated animal abuse and sentenced to 60 days in jail with credit for time served,” ICE spokeswoman Tanya J. Roman told the New York Daily News. “The Multnomah County Jail did not honor the immigration detainer and released him without notice to ICE.”

It is getting increasingly difficult for me to process this type of insanity. Who the fuck can actually think open borders and multiculturalism is a good thing when there are stories like this? Anybody who supports this madness is by definition a supporter of dog rape.

And the really sad part about this whole thing is that there is no guarantee that this savage piece of shit will even be deported.

Not to mention, 60 days in prison is far too lenient of a sentence. Dog rapers should be punished with a bullet to back of their head. That would be justice. This is not justice considering what he did to that poor dog.


Low life spic should be tied up and thrown into a den with wild African dogs.


i’m sorry i saw this story as i know it will be in my brain for life.


Any creature capable of doing something like this should not be allowed to breathe the air.


or have animals slaughtered so that he can eat.


Where is the animal cruelty charge? You get more time kicking a dog.

In all honesty I hope he does it again. Sanctuary state is responsible for not deporting him. Lol let him do this every 90 days or so. I think Sanctuary states would disappear after the 4th-5th time.

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This is old yet it explains the situation we are in.


The DS article about this was so funny I nearly forgot about the poor old dog. R.I.P little guy…:cry::face_with_head_bandage:


Too bad I am not in charge of our ‘interior’. Zip ties, a conveyor belt leading to a metal shredder positioned so as to expel shredded materials out into the ocean. That fucking contraption would run day and night for years until I cleaned this fucking place up and made it habitable for humans once more. I hate these fucking organisms so fucking much.


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We need more chaos for people to feel it. I hate to be that way but we are too comfortable.


Expect more of this in the clusterfucked FUSA. Really got my jollies reading all of the comments. When the SHTF, hope everyone who posted here survives.


We will survive with the right tools.
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hard to imagine a nation surviving this


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