Ilhan Omar's Republican Opponent Banned From Twitter


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This is another example of how big technology companies are interfering in the political process.

Washington Times:

Danielle Stella, a Republican seeking to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat, was suspended from Twitter after her account posted Tuesday about killing the congresswoman.

Ms. Stella’s campaign account on Twitter, @2020MNCongress, was punted from the platform after posting at least twice about hanging Ms. Omar, a progressive freshman frequently the target of right-wing attacks.

Each tweet involved an accusation recently amplified by Ms. Omar’s opponents that alleges she shared sensitive information with the Iranian government — a claim the congresswoman has since rejected as “outlandishly absurd.”

“If it is proven @IlhanMN passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged,” Ms. Stella’s campaign account said in the first tweet.

Ms. Stella’s campaign account subsequently tweeted the link to an article that aggregated her remark, accompanied by a crude depiction of a stick figure hanging from gallows.

I see nothing wrong with this tweet. The punishment for treason is death. So there is nothing wrong with stating that if your political opponent gave classified information to an enemy that they should be hung.

Of course, the idea that Omar would give information to Iran is sort of weird considering she’s a Somali. She shouldn’t even be in America, let alone be in Congress.

In fact, neither of these hoes should be allowed to run for Congress or be in Congress simply because they are females and females are mostly illogical and stupid creatures.

This entire story is indicative of the clown world that we live in.


i don’t either

maybe that tweet makes TPTB nervous because a lot of them need to be tried and hanged


She is being protected by ZOG.

And, as Ann Coulter recently pointed out: If mass immigration - illegal and legal - isn’t stopped and reversed, our representatives will be Ilhan Omar and there will be nothing we can do about it.


this may sound insane but the somalian is at least against israel. the other witch would be another hand maidan for the jews and be a RINO anyway. so it might be better to leave the somalian there


but Stella would be a traitor to the US in favor of israel


Good point, they can all burn in hell.


Sheridan is also a bit of a nutjob…