Ilhan Omar on 9/11: "Some People Did Something"


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A clip of Ilhan Omar has been making the rounds where she references the 9/11 attacks and says that “some people did something.” People have not been happy about this description.

Ilhan Omar mentions 9/11 and does not consider it a terrorist attack on the USA by terrorists, instead she refers to it as “Some people did something”, then she goes on to justify the establishment of a terrorist organization (CAIR) on US soil.

— Imam Mohamad Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) April 9, 2019

Those people were Israeli Jews celebrating the attacks and Moslem operatives mainly provided by the Saudis.

But her response is perfect. We’ll just use it whenever a White person is accused of doing something. Take for instance the Brenton Tarrant self defense episode in Christchurch, New Zealand. Whenever people whine about how horrible it was, just say that “somebody did something.” No further explanation is required beyond that.


the comments on her twitter feed with whole “D vs R” crowd is super cringy.


That kind of groupthink is everywhere on the internets


I wish she would come right out and say Israel did 9-11 with help from the treasonous US gov’t. That would start a shit storm.


@Dave1163 Rep. Omar knows who was responsible for 9/11, but she’s keeping her powder dry until it’s time to open fire.


“Some (((people))) did (((something)))” on 9/11

The 800 pound Gorilla



she basically fired a shot across the bow of the 9/11 Swamp Creatures AND at the same time, sent feelers out to her colleagues to see who would have the courage to publicly support her statement. so far no takers even though every single member of congress knows that BushCo did 9/11. what scum…


now The Orange Goon steps in with another dumbass ALL CAPS tweet plus his obligatory exclamation mark. what a dick… and as we all know, Trump is well aware that his buddy LARRY SILVERSTEIN was in on 9/11 and likely warned The Trump Family to stay the hell out of those towers on that day. so Trump now officially joins The 9/11 Swamp.

President Donald Trump capped off his Friday afternoon by tweeting a video of Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s 9/11 remarks mixed in with images of the national tragedy.

He added in all-caps: “WE WILL NEVER FORGET!”

and neither will we, Donny. we know that your “good friend” did this attack along with The Mossad, FBI, CIA and BushCo. we will never rest until you billionaire terrorist filth are put on death row.

i sent Omar an email about a new 9/11 grand jury that has been empaneled. i hope that they subpoena Trump and ask him if he knew about the attacks and if evil Larry warned him. EVERYONE in NY Shitty knows the truth and Trump had to have been warned. scum scum scum…


What happened to that man?


i got an email update from 9/11 Lawyers Committee after i expressed concern that The Swamp may be interfering with this new investigation and they told me that they are still working on it.

SGT Report just interviewed Mick Harrison, Richard Gage and David Meiswinkle about the FBI 9/11 Review Commission Lawsuit.

Watch the video here.

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Unfortunately the US legal system can delay this indefinitely. We want the truth but they can classify any and all parts of this especially if they are guilty. This could take decades…


he was murdered like others who spoke-up.


Barry Jennings died on August 19, 2008, which by an extraordinary “cohencidence” was a mere two days before NIST released the draft version of its WTC7 report. Jennings’ explicit testimony of how he was trapped in Building 7 by early explosions prior to the collapse of either Tower directly contradicted the NIST official account of “office fires” ignited during the Tower collapses going on to cause the Building 7 collapse.

Funnily enough, NIST refused to provide details of the input parameters for their computer models, on grounds that such release would “jeopardize public safety”. For “public safety”, read swamp creatures’ safety.

In another (((‘coincidence’))), Dutch controlled demolitions expert Danny Jowenko died on July 16, 2011 when his car crashed into a tree; his dog survived the crash. This was just three days after Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College, had cited Mr. Jowenko’s expert testimony that the collapse of WTC7 was a “controlled demolition” by “a team of experts” who had “blown away columns”, three-and-a-half minutes into an interview for Press TV with Susan Modaress.


Thanks Mr Poseidon. It’s sad to hear that these people were killed just for knowing what they knew. Reminds me of JFK murder/coup, when people were killed after the event for the same thing, knowing.