ICE Raids on 2,000 Illegal Aliens Reportedly to Begin on Sunday


Originally published at: ICE Raids on 2,000 Illegal Aliens Reportedly to Begin on Sunday |

There are reports saying that ICE is going to do raids on 2,000 illegal aliens this weekend.

This sounds good, but obviously I’ll believe it when I see it. I have no idea why these raids were delayed let alone announced like this.

We should be arresting and deporting anybody who is here illegally without any grand announcements or drama. They have broken the law and should be punished accordingly. These deportations should be ongoing and continuous.

And besides, I don’t want these freeloading third world populations in America. The more of them that are removed the better.


Only 49,998,000 to go!


Yeah exactly. 2,000 is barely a drop in the bucket but if this is the start of continuous raids it could convince some of these hordes to self deport. Guess we’ll just see what happens.


We can’t deport our way out of this. They must be deprived of work and not allowed to cash checks hold bank accounts, get a driver’s license…et,… Then they will leave and others will stop coming.


Employers that are caught employing illegals should get jail time and big fines.


Nobody is getting deported… Anyone who is gullible enough to believe this political-theater bullshit is beyond redemption.


Call me Nostradamus. I say everyone stays; this is Trumps idea of a joke!


This scenario reminds me of how the (((cartels))) smuggle narcotics across the border.
They’ll sacrifice a shipment with 40 kilos in it inside of the paneling of a small car while the larger supply of 2000 kilos sneaks by in a bigger vehicle while ZOG troopers are busy with the first car.
Its an old strategy that works.
This way the menial low level ZOG troopers can pretend they’re doing their job and getting results justifying their existence while the problem permeates into every crevice of the nation.
So they can deport 2000 beaners and 20,000 will just sneak in on the other side in the same day.


To fund more deportations


At least one fifth of Mexico resides on this side of El Rio Del Norte, in Los Estados Unidos. It could even be as high as one fourth. The gringos may have forgotten the 1846-48 war against Mexico, but the Mexicans did not.


This guy is a master troll.


We should adopt the mexicans way of dealing with border rapists. And no I do not support the spics, but it is sure godam funny.


That’s one way not to be accosted in the barrio.


2,000 out of 25 million and rising, whoopie doo :roll_eyes:


@Carolinagirl It is a pleasure to see you here, miss!:+1:t6: I don’t think I’ll be posting much on Gab anymore, unless a miracle happens and it stops sucking so much. :frog::-1:t6:


I’ll call your bluff sir, and raise you a small loan of a million dollars

Bluffing pussy Trump has no balls whatsoever that is the reason for the “announcement” so that he can gauge whether people will get super butthurt about it before he calls it off at the last second like the flip flopping fraud he is.

I sincerely hope to be proven wrong but the butthurt level is high I predict he will bitch out per usual


Yes Trump is
trolling the dumb nigger mayors and governors


I agree, that place is not the same. It’s been going downhill for a while but “new gab” killed it for me. I’m waiting to see if it improves if not I may delete.