Ian Stuart Donaldson And The Skrewdriver Biography



Hello Brüders, 

Ian meant so much to us all, not just to the movement but as a person. This biography is well documented with the rise of Skrewdriver and Ian Stuart’s life, really a great visualizing read. You really understand how much he cared for the people in his life and how dedicated he truly was for the survival of the white race. He is a hero we can all strive to be like and his memory will never be forgotten.
Music can speak to us in ways that simple words cannot, connect us in ways unimaginably euphoric. Striving us towards action and commitment to make a positive impact. Which brings me to say we definitely need more festivals, shows , concerts, gatherings anything to bring us in unison. If you are musically talented reach out to like minded people, be creative. Get involved and have some fun and enjoy life with people who truly care and i swear itll be worth it.
Our purpose is ultimately for love and success, like a spirit, it always lives on, always here in the heart and mind, striving our every motion and thought. Its beyond good and evil. Its what drives our enemies to destruction by our sword. Its what brings every beautiful White family a safe loving home! For Blood and Soil. For our Aryan children.