I think I have low t


I am 21 male and my parents refuse to take me to the doctor. I think I have low testosterone because I am irritable, I could barely do 15 push-ups, foggy head, I look like I’m 14, depressed, mood swings. My parents are in denial. I can’t turn myself because I don’t have money and insurance covers it. Also Mom’s home all the time and now have a means of transportation. Although I look at aloty pornography and do not excercise.
Please help




thanks. I don’t think I need docs. I went to a plethora of docs for my colitis and they did not help


Yeah the sad truth with conventional doctors, they being just as incompetent and crooked as th FDA. Conventional drugs just mask symptoms, not cure or fix the cause or disease. The only few drugs that are life saving in emergency situations such as antibiotics, aspirin, and such but they should not be used liberally such as for common cold. Last time I went to a doctor (except ER visits for deep cuts) is about 10 years ago since I got cut off from my parents insurance. Ever since i always take care of myself and my family.



I know my arm looks weak


I just read the merchant of sin by Benjamin Garland. A good book. It was mentioned on a recent articles on daily stormer and also in this website. I recalled you watched a lot of porn. This is to help: In the conclusion chapter, the fact is that porn and masturbation reduces your testeterone and ur muscle mass also floods ur brain with dopamine just like hard drug. There’s is an community called NoFap. They are dedicated to helping porn addicts to stop their habitats and the results are positive. They reported the effects of quitting porn and masturbation:
Increase in motivation
Increase in confidence
Ability to make and hold eye contact
Increased attention from women
Deeper voice
Thicker hair
Gain in muscle mass
Relieved depression
Better memory
Better able to concentrate and focus
More energy
Decrease in social awkwardness
(Sourced from page 171 to 172 from the book mentioned above)


Well how do I stop. Also does my arm look bad


Well, it’s an opinion about your arms. Look up NoFap online and join. They’ll support you and each other. It’s all about willpower and determination. Remember that you continue doing porn and fapping then you are contributing to your decline. Good luck and may God give you the power to do so.


I have helped you by removing your selfie. Don’t dox yourself.