I love Minnesota but


It would be Minnesota Nicer if Minnestan ethnicly cleanse Cedar/Riverside. The majority of times I go there I get harrassed by some muzzie. Since I am an industrious. Arian Woman I figured out a solution. I accidentally pull out my switchblade with my metro card.

It’s way easier to be
Princess of the 4th Reich when the untermensh know their place.


when i go to my local walmart here in CA in the middle of the day its filled with black and brown scum

when i go early in the morning (6-7 AM) its just a few white folks


I was born in Bemidji and everytime I go back I see more and more black people it’s not uncommon to run into 20-30 on a trip to town. But I must say these blacks are not rabid hood thugs, my thoughts are that the middle class blacks are moving away from the Somali scum. Even the blacks are being replaced but they are too stupid to realize that.


That’s very true. American born Africans recognize the threat. They too need be replaced as they can’t or will not fulfill the (((democratic))) vote. Even though I was raised Lutheran, their church and policies of immigration hurt us the most. It might take 20 years but I think if Minnesotans wake up we will have the Nordic State again. Promote European Culture, making it fun and normal. Pointing out how other cultures contrast against our values. Wearing American and European clothing and sports jerseys sends a message. This land is our land!


Meanwhile in Minnesota

my cable line into my house