I cant understand why these violent Paky rats cant be booted out back to Pakyland



i can’t understand why white people don’t learn to fight…


Update: the filthy cretins only got 16 months each. No deportation.


because globalist filth are in-charge. nothing will change until they are dragged from their mansions and sawn in-half.


I’ll use my ol’ farm boss chainsaw to get the job done


Bring back the lash!


…Get them out my country!!


Fucking Indian bastards!


Yes, someone should have shoved that glass bottle up that fucking pakis ass!


it’s not that hard to defend yourself against your average pos. the invaders aren’t MMA fighters, they’re just weak turds. white people are becoming fat, lazy shit-bags.


I’m surprised that the wedding guests were not jailed for daring to talk back to their new masters.


aye, they got knocked unconscious for daring to speak back to the brown pricks.