1_6659851_3970918538Month After Pittsburgh, No Sign Trump Will Fight anti-Semitism


From Haaretz: With two White House roles – anti-Semitism envoy and Jewish liaison – still unfilled and bickering among rival law enforcement agencies, little is being done to stem the dangerous tide of far-right extremism. A month has now passed since a white supremacist gunned down 11 Jewish worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, transforming the way the United States views the rising tide of anti-Semitism.


“No sign of bold steps”…There’s nothing these fuckin’ Jews DON’T CONTROL !!


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i think it was a hoax like Sandy Hook… this is do or die for the jews because daily more thousands learn of their holocaust lies, their 9/11 torture-murder of 3000 goyim, their phony “Federal Reserve” private bank, their Wall Street money scams and their manipulation of the goyim to fight and die for Israel. they want congress to anoint them supreme beings that are above our constitution and grant them special protections against people who hurt their feelings. it worked in Europe and Canada…


What, I wonder, do they mean by “bold steps”? Financial penalties? Prison? Death sentences?


Bold steps = invading Iran