How to recognize a jew?


Hi everyone,
I met this boy, he was white and nice and everything, no Kipa or stuff like that. When I asked him about his religion, he said he is secular.

A few days ago I wanted to meet him. He said he can’t, his parents don’t allow him to go out in Tet Be’Av. It’s some Jewish memorial day. And I was all like: WHAT??? I never knew he was a Jew.

So now:

  1. I don’t know what to do!
  2. How will I be able to recognize Jews on the future? He ate pork and everything and didn’t have a Kipa.

Thank you all for reading.


You might find this handy, miss:



As you see, there are many ways to recognize a jew. At the latest when you see his circumcised joystick you will know what’s going on


Thanks everyone, but he is quite a hunk and has a regular (even nice) nose. And he is full of confidence, quite the oposite of the grose Woody Allen.
SF78, I haven’t seen his you-know-what yet… I only know him a few weeks, and I’m only 17.5… Anyway, lots of regular guys had it cut. My uncle spoke about it the other day - I have a new cousin and my uncle said he is taking him for circumcision. Apparently the FDA recomends it (another Jewish influence?)…


That’s not good. White parents shouldn’t do that to their children if it’s not absolutely necessary.
The mutilation of little children is a typical act of jewish perversion…

Btw, are there no aryan guys around which you could date?


Evalion made a couple of good videos about identifying Jews. They can be viewed on BitChute.


I guess there are some nice aryan guys around here. Well I’m not gonna stay here forever anyway… The thing is, I thought this guy is a normal aryan, untill I found out the truth.
You have to understand where I come from. My parents are very liberal, they say you should treat everybody the same etc. I was, until not long ago, a SJW. Untill this black girl told me that as a white girl, I’ll never be able to understand her, so I cannot call her “sister” anymore. First I got hurt, than I started seeing the truth…
Anyway, I cannot just ask people if they are aryan. It’s a little more complicated than that. And I’m not very good at recognizing races… But I’ll try. I must!


Thanks! I’ll watch it later. Hope it will help me.


I do understand. You are still so young. Your whole life lies ahead of you. I wish you all the best, cute Fräulein :wink:








These rat bastards are lurking everywhere !!!


Disgustingly call him a jew, and observe the reaction. If harshly negative then you know.

If the family fortune revolves around usury then you will know.

When the one in question’s elders prohibit miscegenation with any but theirs then you know (I agree here but Aryans seem to be publicly admonished for this).


Why not try ask the guys here at forum to go on a date? Many of them are single. Hopefully you can find one that are not long distance or unless the guy or you are willing to get closer. Perhaps I should set up an separate thread for hooking up purposes. If anyone who you have interest in, message them privately from there on.
It makes sense- because of the shared interest of kitten supremacy! :heart_eyes_cat::kissing_cat:
@infostormer I’m bringing this idea to your attention- mabye you can create a separate and unique dating post wall here on your site. I know there’s not many awesome girls here that share the kitten ideology like we do- might be able to bring more traffic and shekels to the site if advertised.

BTW I’m already happily married with kids in tow and u might don’t want a greasy wop like me. Just kidding. I’m not greasy enough to have a mafia style comb-back hairdo.


Ewww, disgusting. Just be thankful how lopsided dating in /ourworld/ is. There are probably a hundred or even a thousand fashy guys to each girl so don’t settle for some Jewy shitlib.


i think you’re fake

who takes their child back to the hospital to get the circumcision done later?

“whitegirl” is probably a jew