Hong Kong Terrorists are Demanding an American Invasion


Originally published at: Hong Kong Terrorists are Demanding an American Invasion | Infostormer.com

I had previously predicted that the concessions made by Hong Kong’s political leadership would have no impact. Looks like I was right.

The CIA-backed terrorists in Hong Kong are now marching in the streets with American flags demanding that Donald Trump intervene militarily.


Clashes took place in the heart of Hong Kong Sunday as thousands of protesters marched on the U.S. consulate, calling for Washington’s help in their struggle for greater political freedom.

What began as as peaceful demonstration was cut short in the late afternoon as hardliners started fires and began erecting barricades on some of the city’s most prestigious streets, including Chater Road—location of the Court of Final Appeal, Cenotaph, and the ultra-exclusive Hong Kong Club.

They also smashed entrances to Central subway station, which serves the financial district and is one of Hong Kong’s most important transport hubs. The station was quickly closed down as scuffles took place between protesters and police; the district’s glitzy boutiques also brought down their shutters. A kilometer away, chanting crowds filled Admiralty station, which is situated by the legislature, main government offices, and the Chinese military garrison.

“We can’t let police think that what they do will scare us off,” said Lita, a 19-year-old university student, as her friends broke up the paving slabs outside the Hong Kong Club. “We’re doing this because the police beat and arrested our fellow protesters.”

So these lunatics are demanding an American invasion of Hong Kong which would effectively kick off a war with China. At the same time, they are destroying property, attacking people and engaging in behavior that you would typically see from anti-fascists in Western countries.

This is transparently a neocon agenda to destabilize China, especially considering that they’re openly calling for a war in the name of “democracy” or whatever.

What makes this so hilarious is that shills like Paul Joseph Watson have been openly supporting these terrorists. Watson even personally flew over to Hong Kong to shill for them.

Sadly Watson and other Internet shills have managed to con a bunch of people into thinking these Hong Kong rioters and terrorists are brave freedom fighters or something. They’re not. They’re terrorists using American flags for marketing and propaganda purposes.


Why does China have T-99’s if they never even use them?


Very strange what is going on there.

I think it was yesterday, when it was said in the TV news that those lunatics even asked Merkel and Germany for help to bring them freedom and democracy :roll_eyes: :woozy_face:


Yeah I saw that report about them asking Germany for help also. The whole thing is ridiculous. These rioters/terrorists are just anti-fascists running around with American flags and MAGA hats.


I don’t really care in China comes in and kills them all. These are not blond,or red haired people with grey ,blue, or green eyes. Fewer non whites make the world a better place.


Watson the degenerate faggot just wants access to more mens buttholes in China, as you’ve previously stated.
He should be thrown into a Chinese dungeon for 40 yrs


Brexit bad, Chinxit good.
Coz democracy n sheeeit.


Hong Kong is a vital city for American and UK intelligence agencies spying operations in the region. Hong Kong is also a safe haven for ((((( financial criminals))))) which western governments tend to take kickbacks from.


Last time America helped a foreign nation with military might we got Viet Nam. I could not careless how many non whites slaughter each other, but I’ll get my pop corn and beer ready to enjoy watching.