Homelessness Up 16 Percent in Los Angeles Over Past Year


Originally published at: Homelessness Up 16 Percent in Los Angeles Over Past Year | Infostormer.com

Homelessness is becoming an increasing problem throughout the United States. It is exploding in California. Homelessness in Los Angeles is up 16 percent over this past year alone.


Los Angeles County’s homeless population has swelled by 12% during the past year as a shortage of affordable housing deepens in and around America’s second-largest city, pushing more people into poverty, a study released on Tuesday found.

Homelessness in the city of Los Angeles proper, meanwhile, jumped by 16 percent, according to the latest annual census by the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA), despite a concerted push by local officials to move more people from the streets into permanent housing.

Overall, the authority counted nearly 59,000 people sleeping on sidewalks, in makeshift tents, in abandoned vehicles or in shelters and government-subsidized “transitional housing” on any given night in Los Angeles County.

That’s the highest number documented since the agency began conducting its “snapshot” survey 10 years ago and follows a 4 percent decline in homelessness the year before.

The number in the city of Los Angeles alone, including the notorious downtown Skid Row district that ranks among the greatest concentrations of homeless in the United States, reached 36,300, the study said.

This is unquestionably a crisis. There are similar problems in San Francisco, Seattle and other large cities. But is anybody even talking about this? Not really.

Tucker Carlson seems to be the only person in the mainstream media even addressing this issue. He did a recent piece on the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

Instead, Donald Trump is telling us that we need to bring in more immigrants to fill jobs. We are also being told that we need to continue spending trillions of dollars to protect the national security interests of Israel.

And most of the people controlling these city governments with these homeless problems are not doing a damn thing to fix this problem. They are instead lecturing all of us about how we are bad people and racists if we don’t want to bring in unlimited numbers of people from the third world.

Would it be too much to ask if we try taking care of the people here first? Why is that so unreasonable?


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most homelessness is tied to drug abuse.


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