HIV epidemic as Eastern Europe sees its highest ever rate of infection and


what a surprise! allow millions of diseased sub-human Africans into your clean, safe white country and there’s an outbreak of disease. whodathunkit? and this is just AIDS. just wait for the Ebola virus to mutate and be transferred by mosquitoes. all hell will break loose.


Let’s play Finish that Headline!

“[H]ighest ever rate of infection and …”

… non-White immigration.

What have you guys got?


notice too that they didn’t show the newly infected statistics by race because it’s the jigaboos who are most infected. they want race-mixing and so don’t want to alert the whites to the danger of sex with blacks.


A lot of Eastern Europeans go to the hospital for the HIV, but it’s the Ebola that keeps them there (or it will be).


that’s right and we aren’t hearing about how many cases they have. the liberals need to hold up signs: