Hatecrime Suspects Caught on Camera! YIPPIE!


well, worry not my fellow angries, the villains who attacked the gay celeb will soon be brought to justice through the diligent efforts of The Chicago PD. now, i know, some of you are calling BULLSHIT about this PHONY homophobic attack but your skepticism can’t outweigh VIDEO EVIDENCE. now, look at the picture below. DO YOU KNOW WHO ARE THESE “PERSONS OF INTEREST”? that one guy sure does look like Andrew Anglin and he appears to be walking with Julian Assange. just my take on things… :wink:



Obviously they are rabid white supremacists wearing Trump hats.


the fake news is really overplaying this one too. the pic of him in the hospital is a hoot. i’ve had worse injuries sparring in the gym.


The noose around his neck was really over the top.


lol… yeah, he wore it home! hahaha… that’s about as believable as shrunken jew heads.



Did they find their red pickup truck with the Confederate flag in the back window?

Don’t worry…they will.

Lots of rednecks hang out in Chicago after 2 AM in 20 below weather with a bottle of bleach waiting around to attack blacks - everyone knows that - so there will be many to choose from.



who the hell sends snail-mail threats? this is getting more goofy by the day…