Happy Martin Luther Coon Day!


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I just wanted to wish everybody reading this site a very happy Martin Luther Coon Day!

As many of you know, Martin Luther Coon aka Michael King was a Communist nigger trained by Jews.

He was also a sex pervert.

Fortunately, the White hero James Earl Ray shot and killed this evil black terrorist.

Other than that, Martin Luther Coon was a great person. And it is those other great qualities which is why we celebrate the life of this nigger every year on this day.


Happy James Earl Ray day my white brothers.


Just think of Jan 21st as Stonewall Jackson’s birthday7a9634270f4e7dbb81e5c4203f1d9831--james-darcy


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i’z be habbin dreems n sheeit


Since you brought up smoloko’s meme, I wonder what the hell happened to the domain? It got shoahed? It has been inactive for a while.


yeah , i noticed it went down last year around august





Thank you CIA.


FBI SECRET RECORDINGS - these are blocked from public view for 50 years in 1977 by a Federal Judge, I do not know why this can not be challenged?? Nothing like the original documents available to the citizens to make up their own minds. Consider the US taxpayers paid for the creation and maintaining of these tapes but we are not allowed to listen to them for 50 years.



At least when I see a street sign with his name on it, I know what part of town to avoid.



Niggers replying to that tweet are so ignorant as usual.


LOL, that’s hilarious :joy::joy::joy: