H-2B Visa Issuance Higher Under Trump Than Obama


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So much for hire American, buy American. The issuance of H-2B visas to foreigners is higher under Trump than it ever was under Obama.

Look at these figures.

They are granting these visas because corporate interests are demanding cheap labor and Trump is just caving to their pressure. It’s the modern day equivalent of slave labor.

These companies should be paying a fair wage to Americans to do these jobs. We shouldn’t be importing creatures from the third world to do the same jobs at a cheaper rate. All this does is depress wages for Americans.

Talk about another raw deal. MAGA is dead.


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The Un-American corporations told, Trump. “give us cheap foreign labor or we will move operations to China”… The ONLY thing that Trump has been successful at is, the economy so he doesn’t want to see unemployment rise so he throws his rich pals some foreign workers. no doubt his horrifically UGLY billionaire jew pal, Sheldon Addleson will benefit… something tells me that Trump isn’t going to showcase at his next rally the workers who were fired so that some street-shitters can take their jobs. this is a MSSGA Country (Make Street-Shitters Great Again) policy.


The Trump administration is INCREASING the number of H-2B visas by 30,000, to a record high of 96,000. About 80 percent of these visas went to people from Mexico and Central America last year.



like we don’t have enough mexican labor already… i thought that they’d flood us with Paki computer engineers not lawn cutters.


Some great memes on the Occidental Dissent today.


Now that’s good.:joy::joy::joy:. You’re catching up to @Steve level meme capability.



I’ve noticed that pro-invasion advocates never mention any kind of upper limit when it comes to how many nonwhite gimmiegrants they want here. What should the US population be, 500 million? 1 billion? Why is no honest public discussion of this subject being allowed?


What an utter failure Trump has been.


nah , @Steve is the meme king!