Greg Johnson Arrested in Norway for Plotting Violent Revolution


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Greg Johnson of Counter Currents was just arrested in Norway right before he was about to give a speech at a conference.

Greg Johnson has been arrested in Norway for thoughtcrime before he was scheduled to speak at the Scandza Forum conference in Oslo. Here is what we know so far and a statement Greg wrote about the situation before his arrest.

— Counter-Currents (@NewRightAmerica) November 2, 2019

This video is a short interview with Greg Johnson's Norwegian attorney that was conducted by Frodi Midjord earlier today in which he describes the current situation.

— Counter-Currents (@NewRightAmerica) November 3, 2019

Apparently anti-fascists convinced the government that Johnson was preparing to launch a violent revolution and this was enough for them to arrest him. This is according to the official statement put out by Counter Currents.

Talk about crazy. Johnson has repeatedly said that he is against violence and terrorism. So what we have here are anti-fascists who are literal domestic terrorists, telling Norway’s government to arrest Johnson for being a terrorist. This despite there being no evidence that Johnson advocates terrorism or is a terrorist. In fact, Johnson is one of the last people in the world who would be preparing a violent revolution against the government of Norway. Meanwhile, Moslems are allowed to commit all sorts of actual real crimes without any sort of fear of arrest or deportation.

Whatever the case, it looks as if Johnson is simply going to be deported because he has thoughts and opinions disliked by Norway’s government. It’s a disgraceful situation all around but not surprising considering the political situation in Europe.

On the bright side, the Scandza Forum is receiving lots of free publicity because of Johnson’s arrest.


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