Greenland when?


Ok,comrades. If Greenland winds up getting bought by the U.S.,do we move there?

I know next to nothing about the place besides it being there and being cold. And a USAF retiree was telling me that “Thule Air Force Base is where you get sent when they can’t quite prove you did it.”

So it doesn’t exactly sound like a garden spot,but there have to be some good things about the place.

Anyone have any useful input?

Eskimo Hate Thread

I’m tired of freezing my ass off, I want to move to Palm Springs.


Barren and freezing is not really my cup of tea, and it is guaranteed to get infinitely worse if the US takes over.


We could send all the beaners there!

Typical Greenlanders. Ugh!


Heh. Can one even buy sheetrock,concrete,and Bondo in Greenland?

Can you even imagine what a snowmobile would look like if it was turned into a lowrider?


The warmest part of Greenland is the south east coast which gets the gulf stream on the back-flow after it’s been deflected by arctic currents flowing south between Island & the UK. This is what I’ve been told. It’s still cold.


We can build a dedicated town for huwhyte snowniggers that loves the cold. Despite being Italian but I prefer cold (10 to 50°F) is my ideal temperature range. But I’ll prefer New England region.


Its like the northwoods. I could handle it.


If you ask me, we should forget Greenland.
We should get our old asses up and reconquer East Prussia instead. It is ancient german territory, once conquered by the knights of the German Order and part of the Reich until 1945. To me it is the most beautiful place on earth. hallowed ground. The climate is perfect there. It has a beautiful landscape, fertile earth, big forests, the baltic sea, beaches, ancient castles. The remains of the Führer’s Wolfsschanze can be seen there too…


An American territory, that’s free of knuckle draggers? :grin: Where do I sign up!


Recap so far-

The Bad-
It’s cold. It’s isolated. The current population consists of ice niggers that live on boiled seal and gibs liquor. Who probably lack toilet paper as well,and I don’t want to think about that. Also has a population of U.S. military personnel,which means there will be a certain number of real niggers,trannys,and other degenerates.

The Good-
probably has quite a bit in the way of natural resources,but we would have to find all that stuff on our own,since no one is going to tell us what they already know.

Hunting and fishing probably ranges from good to spectacular.

The number of Jews is most likely very low,and could probably be kept that way with some effort.

Niggers who brag about going polar bear hunting could have their chance to do it for real.

Agriculture was practiced there in the past and could be done today with modern techniques-remember that we wouldn’t be feeding multitudes,just ourselves.

Oddly enough,I started this as a joke of sorts. But dammit,I could see this working,if we were just left alone to make it work.


Here’s a guy to learn from:


Typical Greenland Eskimo.

Literal icenigger.