Glorification of FAT Whores


WTF is going on here? the jew media is now glorifying obesity. this FAT whore is just 30yo and she’s already a beach whale. in five years she will be able to “stun” as a body double for Shamu… i guess this is all part of our new vibrant culture that sees beauty in everything.

i didn’t know who was this fat cunt but apparently she’s a “plus” size model who makes a good living by being an unhealthy “stunning” glutton.


The whale will cause a Tsunami.


She is a little plus sized but no where near a whale. I think shes beautiful.

I was thinking of Tess Holiday and she is a land whale.


yuck… and a tattooed thing as well.


Thar she blows! Avast behind matey!


Notice Miss Piggy tatted on her forearm? Nice touch.


they must appeal to the Walmart white-trash in beepy-carts.


Deckhand Sven! Man the harpoon!