Girl Triggers Audience at North Carolina City Meeting


Girl Triggers Audience at North Carolina City Meeting

A young North Carolina girl, Addison Woosley, triggered some women in the audience, at the Raleigh city meeting this week when she called on the city to make abortion illegal. In front of the entire room, she said that abortion is murder and compared it to slavery.

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I believe that abortion is indeed murder & that it should be outlawed. But can I still be a plantation owner who flogs his slaves?


The girl certainly has the courage of her convictions; although I am far from agreeing with her, she had every right to speak and to be treated with courtesy. The pro-choice proponents are, I fear, too unattractive and rude to glean much sympathy.


:pray:t3:Amen! preach! god bless that amazing girl!
It’s change of the retard godness Greta Thunberg, but media of course won’t talk about her.
Vive Addison Woosley !


A 13 year old girl have far more conviction and balls than 20, 40 or 30 used up whores. Fuck millennials! i hate that piece of shit generation good only to whining on social network.


Millennials are total cowards Generation Zyklon has a lot more balls proud of my Zoomers.


I hate my generation so much, it’s full of cring emo fags who think they’re intellectual just because they have a useless psychology degree. Fuck millennials! even Xoomers have more balls. Z is for Zyklon, that generation is desensitized of all kikery bullshit and won’t eat there lies, there insensibility make them laugh over there cry.


Yeah these younger kids are waking up rapidly the Kikes are terrified.