Get an avatar or I may give you one you don't want



How can you be such a lazy nigger that you either won’t exert the energy to click a mouse a couple of times, or don’t have the agency to do so?
You avatarless niggers are making the forum look like shit.

Choose an avatar, or I may choose one for you.

That is all.

Americans are Really Fat and Disgusting

You can put avatars for others?

Prove it, faggot lol


ok, you axed fo’ it…


Who’s the faggot now???


Holy shit, this guy delivers, it’s no joke folks :smiley:


no worries, you can change it back :wink:


A feline theme would be nice. :slight_smile:


Well, the whole point is for it not to be nice…


I didn’t expect to be taken so literally.


I sometimes get temporary autism while multitasking, my bad.


image image

Some options, I am biased.


Hey, @somedaysoon, @KG53, @Keymod, @JohnnyPaytoilet if any of you guys need help getting an avatar, just DM me.