Germany: Merkel's Party Retains Power in State Elections


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It’s really unbelievable to see how the German people will keep voting for a political party that flooded them with millions of third world savages who have gone around raping and killing people in their country. Angela Merkel’s party was just able to retain a governing coalition in state elections despite a surge in support for the right-leaning AfD.

Germany (Saxony), prelim. final results:

CDU-EPP: 32% (-7)
AfD-ID: 28% (+18)
LINKE-LEFT: 10% (-9)
GRÜNE-G/EFA: 9% (+3)
SPD-S&D: 8% (-4)
FDP-RE: 5%
FW-RE: 3% (+1)
TIERS-LEFT: 2% (+1)
PARTEI-NI: 2% (+1)

+/- vs. 2014 election

Note: Parties below 1% are excluded#ltwsn19

— Europe Elects (@EuropeElects) September 1, 2019

Euro News:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and her Social Democrat (SPD) coalition partners held off a surge in support for the far-right in state elections in eastern Germany on Sunday, according to an exit poll, averting an immediate crisis for her unstable ruling alliance.

Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) remained the largest party in Saxony but saw their vote share drop by 7.4 points from the last election in 2014 to 32%, with the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) coming second (27.5%), preliminary results showed.

The German people appear to be totally brainwashed. Although, it is good to see that the AfD is getting an increased amount of support so hope might not be totally lost. But right now, things looks bleak especially when you consider that East Germany is the most right-wing part of the country.


I don’t feel sympathy anymore for the people of England, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. They’ve turned their collective back on the immutable laws of Darwinism, and they’ve become weak, effeminate, submissive, and degenerate as a result.

Thus, they WILL be overrun by virile, energetic out-groups who have not allowed themselves to become castrated, shells of men.

What we see in Europe and the UK is Natural-Law taking it’s course.


They embaress me so much. Before my cousin and I stopped talking to each other, I realized he was a bugman. Social credit is a big deal in Weimar 2.


I will never give up on my fatherland. I will shit post. I wil meme. I will use potato cannons on the Rhein! Never shall sacred Deutschland disappear!


Please stop making the mistake of confusing a White nation’s people with its electorate!

In addition to White men, a White nation’s electorate includes women; gays, lesbians and transgenders; foreigners; blacks and jews.

Never believe the pundit/media polls. They are propaganda!
Never believe the election results. All elections are fraudulent!

Hey, White man, there’s no left or right! You’re completely surrounded!


Back before Trump betrayed us I had a collection of Time magazines with crappy art showing his meltdown. I originally intended on framing them all with the President issue. Those glorious days when we thought we were winning will happen for real some day. My point is this, polls are fake and can easily be generated for propiganda. Democracy is just a head count of morons.


Before these elections the AfD was heavily sabotaged by a united front of politics, mainstream media, leftist organisations, celebrities and even the justice! It’s also quite sure there were manipulations during the vote count again. So the AfD results in Saxony and Brandenburg are quite good, considering all the efforts been made to keep them down. If there had been a fair democratic competition, the AfD would have won the Saxony elections. That’s quite sure.
The recent situation in Germany is total insane. But it’s quite interesting as well. The leftist political-medial establishment is loosing its power and influence. They are in panic now and desperately trying to stay on top by using all kinds of filthy tricks, frauds and smear-campaigns against the opposition. But by doing this their true ugliness and debauchery comes to light. Their speeches, their lies become increasingly absurd. So more and more people are waking up and refuse to vote for these filthy traitors and nation wreckers. Someone once said: “We can not force them to tell the truth, but we can force them to lie to us even cheekier”. And that’s how it is.

The german government and the journalists of mainstream press and TV are liers. They are nothing but filthy criminals. They are responsible for the deaths of many people, for the corruption of peoples minds, for the waste of trillions of taxpayer money, for bad education and stultification of the youth, for decadence and decay of the german nation. And now they are struggling to save their worthless asses from judgement. The governance of Merkel’s CDU was a complete disaster. But the obedient journalists always praised them for their insane policy and even encouraged them to go further with this insanity. And this goes on and on until today.
Recently they are breeding some discord between East and West Germany by reopening old sores, and so on. This is so mean, so ratty, and absurd at the same time…
These filthy lying bastards must be punished by all means. They shall not get away with their shabby deeds. The gallow is waiting…


Even for myself it is hard to feel any sympathy for most of my own compatriots. The daily experiences with these misguided propaganda victims are very depressing.

Fortunately i once found this forum full of reasonable people. It is good to relieve some stress and prevents me from going insane.


This is a great comment. You found the right words to explain the situation. Thank you.


Those European-Nationals who have refused to bow to the Jews and their program of Cultural Marxism will always have my respect and admiration.

AfD and NordFront should come to the US and link-up with us. We have freedom of speech and guns.


Thanks to that communist, east German bi- - -h,(Frau Merkel),one day those cremation ovens will be relit and the showers turned on. What ever happened to looking out for you own nation and people?Why are all white western nations leaders trying to destroy their own nations, cultures, and people’s? Who is behind this? They are flooding Europe with niggers both jungle and sand, while flooding America with third world trash. All at the same time? So who our our collective leaders working for, its not our people?!!