Germany: Man pees on picture of a concentration camp survivor


Oy vey!

Weimar (Thuringia) - What a disgusting act! In Weimar on Wednesday evening at 19 clock a man (36) peed against the image of a concentration camp survivor, kicked it and spit it also.

The photograph of the former concentration camp prisoner Andrej Moisejenko (93) is part of the open-air exhibition “The Witnesses” in the city center, which is part of the Jewish Achava Festival: portraits are reminiscent of the suffering of the prisoners in the former National Socialist concentration camp Buchenwald at the gates Weimar.

A witness informed the police, who grabbed the drunken man near the crime scene, secured his DNA, and gave him a referral.

"The accused was heavily drunk at 1.8 per thousand," said a police spokesman. "Against the 36-year-old man from Weimar is now being investigated for incitement, insult and politically motivated property damage."

It´s a local sport to ridicule holocaust monuments:



These hideous monstrosities invite ridicule and contempt.


oh no, he probably gets a 500-year sentence