German Theme Park Shuts Down Swastika-Shaped Ride


German theme park shuts down ride that looks like 'flying swastikas’

An amusement park in Germany shut down a new attraction this week after complaints that it resembled a pair of giant, spinning swastikas that lifted riders into the sky over the Black Forest town of Löffingen.

That ride is awesome. Too bad sensitive little (((((rats))))) control everything.


The original design was meant for the others. Unfortunately, it never reached full production.


These kikes are such paranoid, neurotic, hand-wringing, freaks. This reminds me of the time they started panicking and kvetching because a particular tea-kettle being sold at JCPenney “reminded them of Hitler”.


This is just getting ridiculous. The capitulation and walking on eggshells to appease these nasty neurotics is totally out of control.