German Police Investigate British Woman for Holohoax Denial


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Criminalizing historical research is literally one of the most insane and crazy things ever. But that's what you have with these retarded Holocaust denial laws.

So German police are allocating resources to investigate a British woman who is said to have questioned the Jew Holocaust hoax while in Dresden.


German police are investigating a British woman for suspected incitement after she questioned the Holocaust during a far-right protest in the eastern city of Dresden.

A spokeswoman for Dresden police says Australian-born Michele Renouf is one of two people being investigated for remarks made at a neo-Nazi rally Saturday commemorating those killed in the 1945 Allied bombing of the city.

Videos of the rally posted online show Renouf saying the only Holocaust perpetrated in Europe was against German civilians. Publicly denying the Nazis' well-documented murder of six million Jews is a criminal offence in Germany.

Point blank, if everything about this Jew fairy tale is true, why do you need laws in place to lock people up who question it? Truth fears no investigation.

Clearly, the Jews fear investigation of the Holocaust because it’s a made up lie. There were no shower room gas chambers, death roller coasters or masturbation machines that killed Jews.


When it comes to red pills, this is the biggest. Once a normie realizes that certain historical facts are banned from any scholarly review because of (((reasons))) it is impossible to not question what else are they lying about.

I use this one quite often. I just bring it up in conversation, then when they say ‘Bullshit’ which is the usual reaction, I tell them to check out Ernst Zundel and his trial, and that discussing this in public will get you thrown in prison throughout Europe.


Lady Michele Renouf (I don’t know if she is a British Peer of the Realm, but that is the title she uses) is a noted “Holocaust denier”.

lady renouf


It’s sort of ironic that Lady Renouf was arrested for holocaust denial in Dresden, which was the site of a REAL holocaust.

jews did this


This article states the basic facts.


How to become the “Chosen” Tribe -

  1. Have your fairy tales editor, (((Joseph Jacobs))), start inflating your population stats - firstly from 6,000,000 in 1869 and 1889 (New York Times, twice), and corroborated as 6,000,000 in June 1900 in a speech by Rabbi Stephen Wise - to 9,066,534 in 1896, and then up to 11,273,076 in the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia. You will then be able to gain public sympathy by claiming a 6,000,000 reduction in your number, when conditions permit and the scam can be successfully peddled to an unsuspecting public.

  2. Have your bankers, e.g., (((Paul Warburg))), set up a fraudulent Federal Reserve banking system, so that you will never run out of funds.

  3. Plagiarize Maurice Joly’s 1864-published program for world conquest. This involves the creation of phony “democracies” in which you control all shades of opinion in the Press. For good measure, you can then go on to dominate the big screen, TV and radio industries. With control of the central banks and the mass media, you will control the electorate’s access to information, and will thereby have presidents and prime ministers in your pocket.

  4. Start a World War. Amidst the chaos in the wake of the massive casualties, try claiming that “six million” of your tribe are either dead or dying. In peacetime, such an allegation would be rejected out of hand; in the context of a world war that had killed tens of millions, it might seem credible.

  5. If that doesn’t work, start another World War and try again. Preferably, this should be when you have a burgeoning Hollywood industry, as well as domination of newspapers, radio and TV. Seize any opportunity for swindling that comes along, such as shower rooms and delousing chambers for exterminating typhus lice, that can be somehow conflated and passed off as “shower room-gas chambers”. Or photos of typhus victims of unknown nationality, that can be somehow passed off as “proof” of “gas chambers”.

  6. When researchers investigate the official historical narrative and start to smell a rat, pretend that there is so much “proof” and “evidence” of your fake history that it is somehow axiomatic, and introduce laws banning any dissent. If you claim to be a race, then accuse dissidents of “inciting racial hatred”. If you claim to be a religious group, then make it “religious hatred”. Or preferably use both approaches.

  7. If an independent media arises that cannot be centrally regulated - e.g., the internet, then use any excuse you can to censor free expression. Possible pretexts to exploit would be preventing “inciting hatred”, curbing terrorism, protecting children and sparing hurt feelings.


Yeah, far better to send ZOG’s agents after Holohoax deniers - while 3rd world vermin commit rape, robberies, murders and other atrocities against the German population - and ignore that.

BUT…the filthy vermin were invited by ZOG into Germany precisely to terrorize, attack, assault and destroy the German population.

Welcome to Germany!!

New and improved (ask ZOG):


This is a good speech about the judicial situation in Germany.


@ReinhardHeydrich1 Were the speech laws this strict in West Germany under Helmut Schmidt?


I´m not so old. Probably. § 130 StGB is from the year 1959.


I always wondered what would happen if, at one if these large right-wing German rallies, everyone would just start chanting “Hollowhoax” or “Jewish lies”- I mean, what are the cops going to do- arrest thousands of people?


I had an idea once about getting a large group of terminally ill cancer patients together to charter a plane to Germany; then once through German customs & immigration, to start shouting ‘The Holocaust never happened’, etc. The idea came to me many years ago when the German government might have been perplexed about what to do – since incarceration would have implied medical care.

But unfortunately now I think they’d just let the patients rot.


@DrTeapot You are on to something with that suggestion. White people who are at the end of their lives with nothing left to lose should decide to go out with a bang instead of a whimper. Drive a box truck full of dynamite into a crowd of Israel Firsters or Fag Power demonstrators. Throw some coons and beaners into a wood-chipper. Wave your pecker at a bunch of neurotic cat ladies. Have the last laugh!


Another couple of ideas, for Germans with suitable skills. Build about 4 - 7 devices with a powerful amplifier and a large speaker. These are to be fed from a digital recording that repeatedly announces, “The Holocaust never happened; look up Germar Rudolf and Carlo Mattogno”. In its final form, the apparatus should be constructed so that the casing is difficult to take apart (all glued together rather than merely screws), and the batteries should be large enough to last for half an hour or so at considerable volume.

Incorporate timers, so as to switch on the devices at a prearranged time. As in a typical (((“al Qaeda”))) attack, these Weapons of Myth Destruction would be left in public places overnight, and synchronized to start up simultaneously during the morning rush hour. It should make for a delicious spectacle as the authorities scramble to find axes, or perhaps hope to silence the electronics with buckets of water.

Alternatively, for nationalist sympathizers in the TV/radio industry, break into the transmitter feed at peak time viewing: “The Holocaust is a hoax and Jewish extortion racket. This is the Aryan Resistance Network, we have assumed control.”

Sadly, even for the WMD creator, there is a high risk of the ‘culprit’ being caught and sentenced to the 5-year maximum, so your idea is best.