Georgetown Votes to Make Students Pay for Reparations


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Georgetown University students just voted to charge the student body a fee that will be used to pay slave reparations.

Georgetown students vote in favor of a referendum seeking the establishment of a fund benefiting the descendants of enslaved people sold to pay off the school's debts.

— The Associated Press (@AP) April 12, 2019

Georgetown students vote in favor of reparations for slaves

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) April 12, 2019

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Keep in mind Georgetown U is a Catholic institution run by the Jesuits. They now have a center for Jewish Civilization according to Paul Craig Roberts’ website from a few days ago. The campus also has a “degenerate” club & studies program, no explanation needed. For good measure, an alumnus I know informed me several years ago that the school boasted an atheist/freethought student group. By the way, I just finished reading the article about Pope Frankie. The RC church must be one big clusterfuck.


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It has been on its death bed since Vatican II.


Years ago technical colleges were a good alternative, but now even they are being corrupted. There’s a technical college in our city and they now require liberal arts courses like Communication, Ethics, Psychology, and Sociology (I shit you not: fucking Sociology). So you find guys trying to learn how to be electricians or welders studying sociology. Maybe the Communications courses don’t sound too bad, but I found out that the teachers assign all sorts of Hollywood Jew, Nigger, & Faggot movies to watch. I guess that was the only way they could get this poison into the curriculum. It’s absolutely disgusting. There’s no escape it seems. One good thing though is that many of the students are older, they’ve been in the workforce already for a few years, so they offer at least some resistance to this indoctrination.


I did a comms course for my trade certificate and it was one of the more worthwhile parts of the trade school training. Most workplace issues are caused by poor communication, add diversity into the mix and it’s annudah shoah. smdh… A lot of technical colleges see adding these ‘soft sciences’ as a pathway to becoming a University and the huge fees that brings.


I realize this is a little OT, but I thought it was funny enough to post nonetheless.



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