George H.W. Bush Has Died and is Now in Hell


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George H.W. Bush the 41st President of the United States has just died. We don’t get much much good news these days so we should definitely cherish this very special moment.

Not shockingly, he is being praised and remembered fondly by all the anti-American pieces of shit on Twitter. Here’s just a small sampling.

Naturally, the entire Jewish media is also acting like this old bastard was some type of wonderful person.

But as we know, he was not a good person. In fact, he was a very horrible individual.

All we have to do is review his record.

He ordered the original invasion of Iraq for the benefit of Jews and Israel. The war was partially justified by the now infamous Jewish hoax claiming that Saddam Hussein was throwing babies out of incubators. Much of that lie was largely manufactured by a Jewish member of Congress who coincidentally was an alleged Holocaust survivor.

He ordered the invasion of Panama to capture the nation’s leader Manuel Noriega after he went rogue on the Central Intelligence Agency. Ironically, the Jewish media admitted much of this upon Noriega’s death.

He regularly talked about establishing a so-called “New World Order” in his speeches. He even made one of these references in a speech exactly 10 years before the 9/11 attacks occurred.

There was also that weird ass “thousands points of light” shit. I honestly don’t know what the hell that was all about but it appeared to be some type of occult reference to a variety of weird nonsense. Probably something related to his membership in Yale’s Skull and Bones fraternity or the Bohemian Grove.

Donald Trump referenced it in his statement on Bush’s death presumably to troll him.

There was even that story about homosexual prostitutes visiting the White House while he was in office.

He heavily pushed all of these insane trade deals which shipped American jobs to other countries. He actually promoted the NAFTA disaster with Bill Clinton.

This was not a good man. He was in a position to prevent the United States turning into the shithole that it is today with all this third world filth, faggots and trannies running around everywhere. But instead of doing what was best for the American people he was preoccupied with waging foreign wars to establish this diabolical Jewish “New World Order” system.

If you were born after Bush 41’s presidency, I highly suggest you watch the music video for the Ministry song N.W.O… It’s provides the most accurate description of what the Bush 41 presidency was all about. The video should be preserved by the Library of Congress as it is culturally significant not only to the Bush 41 era but to the early 1990s time period as a whole.

But overall, it is good to see that old Bush 41 is now dead. He is no doubt in hell with his evil wife Barbara and that insane bastard John McCain as we speak.


Burn in hell , zio-scum!


and lest we forget that daddy bush and the psychopath Dick Cheney were tag-team presidents when baby bush was in the blight house. daddy bush not only got a 2nd term but a third too. he and little dicky cheney planned 9/11 and were drooling watching their victims burn alive and jump to their deaths. being evil they believed was the key to the afterlife. daddy bush is dead but there is still time to put his evil namesake on death row for his part in 9/11. hopefully Trump will get smart soon and investigate Comey and Mueller which will open this bag of worms but the question will arise, "what did Trump know about 9/11 and when did he know it? ". scoundrels one and all…


Guy Confronts George H.W. Bush at Fuzzy’s Pizza
“Murderous, Zionist Piece of Sh!t”


That’s a great video. It’s an oldie but goodie. Late 2000s time frame if I remember correctly. The best part is when he yells “FUCK YOU” to Bush 41 right as he is forced out of the restaurant by secret service.


Truly one of the most despicable figures of the last century. Interesting side note. J D Salinger (Catcher in the Rye author) put Bush in his book and the book became a CIA calling card. The shooters of JFK, John Lennon and Ronald Reagan had copies of the book in their collections and there was also a copy listed in the effects of the raid on Noriega in Panama. These globalists always sign their work.


Poppy’s dying wish: ¡Jeb! 2020


they need Jebby to keep the 9/11 coverup going.


I’m sure Hannity and Rush will be crying on the radio Monday at the passing of their hero. Those two loved the Bushes and anyone else with am ® next to their name.


why do you think that pos Ronny Raygun made him VP?

had reagan not been elected, 9/11 would have never happened.


And the legacy continued.


never forget


and his wife whelped these psychopaths… they likely have jew blood because they have the hooked nose.


You must be referring to his open border policy.


I am happy for you that this scumbag is dead, but lots of damage done.


It’s widely believed that CIA - Bonesman George HW Faggot was in Dallas the day that JFK was capped by the Deep State.


the entire country is gushing about how wonderful was G.H. Bush. of course the fake news -that’s still covering up 9/11- can’t say enough good things about the psychopath monster. they are all circling the wagons to keep THE TRUTH concealed from the masses.

Daddy Bush invaded Iraq AFTER he gave Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait. that’s why Saddam felt betrayed. the Kuwait government said that they were going to turn into a democracy if the US freed them from Saddam. that of course never happened.


The Bushes, Clintons and the scum who orbit them praising anyone puts the kiss of death on that individual.


The man being “honored” on 12/5 is at the root of the reason we find ourselves in such deep trouble today

Young CIA officer in charge of the Bay of Pigs. His crew had Nixon “plumbers” as key men
HWBush was apparently in Dallas when JFK was killed. Does not remember where he was.
Failed to win a congressional seat in the late 60s
Ran the CIA drug running out of Laos during Vietnam war.
HWBush Bay of Pigs associate E Howard Hunt caught in Watergate burglary
HWB associates were present on the ground for the “failed” rescue of the IRAN hostages
Ronald Reagan picks political enemy HWBush for VP a huge mystery at the time it happened
Reagan shot less than 3 months after inauguration. HW cannot remember where he was that day
HWB becomes defacto president in 1981 (the Dick Cheney model of executive power)
240 billion of 20 year T bonds counterfeited and sold into the bond markets 9/11/1981.
The savings and loan crisis cost taxpayers half a trillion
Iran contra run out of Mena Arkansas in the 1980s when Clinton was Governor.
Suckers Saddam into invading Kuwait. Gulf War 1 ensues millions die.
The Franklin bank pedo scandal at the white house.
10 years to the day after 9/11/1981 then president HWB declares a NEW WORLD ORDER
Bush was eyeball deep in crime and power had to be passed over to the Clintons as gatekeepers The Clintons not only kept the lid on they were actively involved in numerous new major financial crimes including the planning for 911 which was used to clear those counterfeit bonds back into the system when they expired on September 12th 2001. Twenty years to the day after 9/11/1981. 10 years to the DAY after the NWO speech…

All this… was before most of today’s youth were born. The result of HWB crime wave led directly to Clinton / GWBush / and OBAMA financial crimes. Today’s youth are supposed to pay the 50 trillion plus tax bill for decades of crime.
Fact is fact the NWO was a HWB operation from back in the early 1980s.

“if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts,” - George H.W. Bush. Head of CIA 1976-1977.

So CIA director Casey says in 1981?

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

Today’s youth have lived their entire lives under the deep state black magic spell. Many people will be off work in 12/5 and it would be a wise use of their time to study the real past and do so before it disappears into the memory hole.
All this… was before most of today’s youth were born. The result of HWB crime wave led directly to Clinton / GWBush / and OBAMA financial crimes. Today’s youth are supposed to pay the 50 trillion plus tax bill for decades of crime.
Fact is fact the NWO was a HWB operation from back in the early 1980s.