General Tells Congress: "Afghan War at a Stalemate"


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A top general who was just nominated to command American forces in the Middle East has basically said that no progress is being made in the Afghan war.


The fight in Afghanistan is at a stalemate, and the significant number of Afghan troop deaths in the war is not sustainable, the Marine officer nominated to command U.S. forces in the Middle East told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie warned the Senate Armed Services Committee against an abrupt withdrawal of American forces or change in strategy despite frustration over the status of the 17-year conflict. He said he doesn’t know how long it will take to develop an Afghan force capable of defending its own country.

“If we left precipitously right now, I do not believe they would be able to successfully defend their country,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie said the U.S. and its allies need to keep helping the Afghans recruit and train forces to fight the Taliban’s estimated 60,000 troops.

“They’re fighting hard, but their losses are not going to be sustainable unless we correct this problem,” McKenzie said, in one of the U.S. military’s more dire assessments of the Afghan losses.

What the fuck are we still doing over there? It's been 17 years since Bush 43 ordered the invasion and these asshole generals just can't figure out how to win the war. The whole situation is insane. All forces should be withdrawn. There's no legitimate reason for American military forces to be there. We're wasting blood and treasure for nothing. Who gives a fuck if the puppet Afghan government can't defend itself. If we're afraid of terrorists coming over here, just ban anybody with an Afghanistan passport from entering the United States.

Of course the real reason Afghanistan was invaded in the first place is largely because the American military presence in the region benefits Israel. All the shit about Osama Bin Laden was just an excuse. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were meant to isolate Iran and sandwich them in between two countries with American military assets.

A truce should be negotiated and we should leave. We have no business there. But fuck, what do I know. Maybe if we’re there for another 100 years, the war can finally be won.


If there was a draft you can bet your tuchas the American people would suddenly care a great deal about all those endless wars for Israel.


EXACTLY… and they’d be drafting these ANTIFA faggots. lmao! that’d give them something to protest about. but this is why i’m rooting for more war. war war war… I WANT WAR and not just your garden variety undeclared war, i want a HUGE DEADLY FUCKING WAR like Korea or Vietnam or even better, WWII… i want to see these fat, lazy soyboys getting their commie asses fragged. i also want to see Asian dog eaters fragged by the millions. i know it’s going to happen but the suspense is killing me…

yes, and CANDIDATE Trump denounced this insanity but PRESIDENT Trump sends in more troops. Notice that his pick to fight this unwindable war says it’s “unwinable” but doesn’t want to stop fighting. he wants to train the Afghanis to be able to fight for themselves. where have we heard this before? oh yeah, in Vietnam and S. Korea. lmao!


Afghanistan continues to live up to its nickname as the ‘Graveyard of Empires’. Maybe let the Chinks have a go at it!


We could bomb them to last century and it’s at a stalemate?!


As soon as the last C130 full of the last US troops to leave Afghanistan
goes Wheels Up the Taliban will take over so what is the fucking difference if we leave tomorrow or in 10 years. About the only thing this war has produced is a bunch of psychopathic, tatted-up ex-military guys who return to the US and become cops.


This strategy wouldn’t work.



None of these wars are meant to be won.(war of attrition) Just take a look at the rules of engagement the solders have to follow. Don’t shoot unless being shot at. Protecting Israel is far more important than winning wars.


And don’t forget about the drug running to fund CIA & Mossad!


There is something else going on with geopolitics although it is not quite clear -pipelines or China and Russia or something


Some people think that WW I was fought in part to keep Russia from becoming a superpower. As Matt Johnson has said, “What Russia would have been like without WW I is unimaginable”. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization also has some Western politicians worried.

But, yeah, something is going on.


Germany was on track to usurp England as the world’s economic and military superpower as well. Russia was strong but had too much of a caste system and the vast majority of the population were illiterate sharecropping serfs.


The United States is there to protect the opium poppy fields that Al-Qaeda was destroying before we invaded Afghanistan. I’ve seen our soldiers standing guard over these fields, and asking the question, What the hell are we doing here?


Yes, that’s another aspect of this fucked up war. Poppy production was way down when the Taliban ran Afghanistan. ZOG storms in and poppy production skyrockets and then years later you have all these drug problems in the United States.


Afghanistan has a vast wealth of underground minerals as well, rare earths, precious metals, gems, etc… So it’s a strategy for the ZOG. Also it has advantage of geo politics as well.


Indeed, there’s multiple reasons why ZOG invaded Afghanistan and none of them benefit the American people.