Gee, why haven't I heard of this sensational crime?


Graphic novelist ordered to pay nearly $42 million in fiancee’s torture murder - Los Angeles Times “From a prominent Canadian family…” (((Canadian)))

From Wiki : Blake Leibel was born to two notable Canadian families. His father, Lorne Liebel, is of Jewish descent and is a prominent Toronto real estate mogul and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame inductee[3], who sailed for Canada in the 1976 Summer Olympics.[4] His mother was Alros Products heiress Eleanor Chitel Leibel,[5]whose father, Paul Chitel, held several patents.[6]

His mother’s maiden name was Chitel. the daughter of Paul Chitel. Another Jew.


sick fucker


i just read about this. the pos cut his girlfriend up while alive including scalping her. she died of blood loss. she gave birth to his son just three months earlier. this guy is a total lunatic now serving life no chance of parole. they should slowly cut him in half lengthwise.


Draining all the blood from her body and employing torture sounds quite Semitic.