Game Of Thrones Or The Most Based Show Of 21st Century A Little Analysis

:astonished::flushed::grinning::smile::smirk_cat:Wow! i can’t believe than they finish to make Daenerys a neocohen bitch, this final is so fucking based.
She’s like: I’m your savior and your liberator you paysan! ok i have burn your people alive and destroy half of your city and homes, but still thank me to have free you from the infamous tyrant Cersei (Even though she never do any reprehensible thing to her own people, just to her ennemies). And if never a dissident historian says the contrary, well he’s an anti-Daeneryst. I never understand that historical contradiction where you call yourself a liberator, when you have destroy the country than you claim you have come to save, that the cries of the Neocon before he strike your nation. Jon wanted to find justification to Daenerys genocide : Oh she have lost her dear friend and pokemon pet and she have suffer a lot in her life. Has Tyrion answer : But is this was a reason to kill her own people ?
In fact the new Targaryen motto should be : With napalm and phosphorus

Beside that, i’m very happy than Bran become king, it’s a very nice compensation after than Jaime ruin his chance to become a knight by throwing him of the tower, thank goodness the immanent justice have strike him back by crushing him under rocks. Buddha king Bran is officially the very first Buddha king of the Westeros kingdom, i like Sansa evolution too, she pass from a egoistical and inconsiderate slut to a reliable sister. I’m very proud of Arya too who have realized her dream to become a knight for protect her kingdom.
Jon is the most greatest protagonist of tv show history, he’s the Jeanne D’Arc of Game Of Thrones, he didn’t take the power but redress it instead and that admirable. Consider yourself excused to have screw your own aunt for that. It’s clear than the producers choose to turn full Madoff by jewing there own community and woken up has much of goyim than they can. Beside they’re seems to be very tired by liberals bullshit virtue signaling, and i support them by telling to these crybabies to fuck go themselves. Who they think they are for asking for a remake ? go wrote your own fic if that doesn’t please you bitch. I wasn’t happy to see libtards suffer since Trump election, right now i have a very good time. That finale was a very positive message for all nationalists. What the producers wanted to say is: Republic and democracy in general are scams. Fuck the republic! A elective monarchy like i preconise is the only way to preserve the sustainability of the prosperity of the kingdom without the default of a lineage who can turn degenerate. Never put a women in power because they always do worth than any man. Savages who ruin there host country should be deported. It’s more effective than a wall and screw the wall or fence or whatever the delusional republicunt think it is.
They have hope than people woken up and than the west is recovering, and that the message behind that great finale.
:wink:For once the producers do a amazing job. Let’s see how the novel ending will be, did it be also awesome than the show finale ? we never know.
P.S I’m for than Harrington take England crown, that nice than he’s with Ygritt irl. Jon and her use to make such a good couple.


Going from the Red Wedding to season 5 and 6, it’s like having fucked homecoming queen in HS but becoming a trucker who marries AIDS bitch Wendy from Breaking Bad.

Lose the genius white writer, toss in a couple of worthless fucking Jews, ruin a good fucking program.


:sweat_smile:Maybe, but admit than they do a great job with the show conclusion. First i wasn’t very fond of how the season 8 turning out, but the last episode have surpassed all my expectations.
They was most like: Screw these libtards goys! we already take there shekels we’re out. They have nothing more satisfying to see kikes jewing each other.


I was okay with the close, but the way dragon queen died was terrible, almost as worse a scene than the half man running around on the ship getting hit by spears and them him jumping off, completely jump the shark kinda thing for me. 2 whole seasons wasted cuz Jews suck.

Fuck Bran no matter. Should’ve been dude who banged Arya.

To end, I’d slaughter for Sansa. By her command.


Buddha Bran was the wisest choice for ruling the kingdom. Renly was a fag and could have ruin the king legitimacy with his degeneracy, Stannis was fine i guess, but like his wife was too old he couldn’t have a son for succeeded him. Daenerys use to be good too, but she was unstable, Jon was more a protector than a ruler and have do his job has a watcher. Cersei was a incompetent whore, the kingdom loose half of his territory because of her schemes. Joffrey was crazy and a piece of crap. Tommen was the best king than Westeros have, he was fair and generous. Thanks to Cersei who have killed the woman than he loved he killed himself.
Bran supported by Sansa and the best assasin of the kingdom Arya will make Westeros great again.
Sansa was so badass when she come up with the Vale of Arryn army and when she make Ramsay taste his own medecine too. :smiling_imp:


I only saw the final scene, and I confess I liked the dragon and his reaction to the death of his Queen. From what I gather, she came from an incestuous family prone to madness, so it would have been an interesting and believable storyline to document her descent into madness, but apparently this was abruptly sprung on the audience at the very end of the story, with no indication of this in earlier episodes. I can’t comment further, as I have not seen any more of it.


:slightly_smiling_face:Yeah it was very cute, but she wasn’t only his queen but also her mom. He’s like a orphan now, the scene where he burn the iron throne was so symbolic too. It’s what have drive her to madness and he burn the object of what make her like this.
The Targaryen can be prone to madness or greatness, it depends. Rhaegar was to prone to greatness, but Viserys and Aerys was crazy has heck and Daenerys turn mad.