Fuck google and it’s internet corruption


Last year I registered a domain through google domain. I did nothing with it and was letting it expire. The c/c I used last year was turned off in Feb of this year and a new one was sent, out of fraud concern/precaution.

Since Feb, I’ve not given that new c/c# to any google anything. No affiliate, no playstore, nothing. When I got my ‘your domain will renew in 7 days’ email. I thought, haha fuck you google, that c/c number you have is no good anymore.

Google said “NO, haha, fuck you. We’ll get your new c/c number without you and charge your ass anyway.” And that’s what they did.

Apparently MasterCard will give credit card info that wasn’t used at or given to a merchant to “deserving merchants” so the merchant can update your c/c info when billing issues. Google took my $12 this morning. I’ve spent about an hour trying to learn how the fuck they got my new number before finally being told about the “deserving merchants” bullshit.

You can’t escape google, the cunts.


Wow. This is concerning.


i was very happy with a canadian outfit, register4less.com . that was a while back though so maybe they’ve turned weird too. anyway give them a try.




be careful what you say, especially online. the part about “…they’re on the list” could get you into trouble in these politically correct times.


Llike everyone else, I’ll take it up the ass and bemoan on the interwebs about the unwanted penetration.

There’s an old show I never really watched, I think it’s called The Honeymooners about Ralph and Alice. Ralph the husband had a tag line “To the moon, Alice.” and he’d show a raised fist while saying it. Like she’d done something so stupid, he’d knock her to the moon. Today, that’d get him arrested, barred from owning weapons, get her half + child support in the divorce; all for figurative shit.


Couldn’t even access it website, gofuckyou.com not sure if u are changing website address here to protect your identity or u just got really ripped off by the gay-gle. :thinking: And yeah, fuck these dotheads doing stupid shit on phone support services they are just shit like they shit on streets of ind-eeia and pollute the environment


not the real email address.


Don’t post anything about a H-list.

You wil get this whole place shut down. I fixed it for you this time but be mindful of the ways your words can be used against you.
Other than that, you’re cool.


This seems to be a common practice, not just with google. I had a similar experience, had to make two phone calls and get pretty assertive to get a recurring “cancel at any time” offer removed.