Fox News Censors Idea That Moslems Burned Down Notre Dame


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Fox News is theoretically supposed to be the news channel for patriotic White Christian Americans. But in reality it is mostly just kiked controlled opposition that promotes the interests of Jews and Israel. We saw this again in their coverage of Notre Dame fire.

Even though we don’t know all the details yet, it is likely that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was burned down by Moslems. They had been desecrating churches throughout France prior to yesterday’s fire. Despite this fact, a couple of Fox News hosts including the cocksucking homosexual Shepard Smith cutoff people mentioning this.

Shepard Smith cuts off French Elected Official after he brings up fact that Churches in France have been desecrated in past year.

“Of course you will hear the story of the politically correct which will tell you it is probably an accident" #NotreDame

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WTH Cavuto cuts off Donohue telling the truth are you friggin kidding me!!! ⁦@POTUS⁩ ⁦@RealJamesWoods⁩ ⁦@intheMatrixxx⁩ ⁦@PatriotsSoapbox⁩ ⁦

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Throughout the George W. Bush years, Fox News presented Moslems as evil. But that’s because they needed to sell the public on why we needed to do war in Iraq to benefit Israel. Now the Jews want to sell the public on supporting an endless flood of Moslems into White nations so they are presenting them in a sympathetic light. Seeing newscasters on Fox News of all networks trying to protect Moslems from criticism shows how crazy the situation is.

The other day, the Jew Chris Wallace on Fox News refused to play 9/11 footage from a Donald Trump tweet criticizing Ilhan Omar because it demonized Moslems. He said it might incite violence. This despite the fact that Fox News and other news channel played footage of the Twin Towers falling endlessly after the event happened. On 9/11/01 itself every channel including non-news channels were showing coverage of the attack. But now it is mean to Moslems to show that footage?



This is weird:


The crawling cowardly French officials said right away that this blaze was ‘accidental’. They figured that out rather quickly… Let’s see what effect it has on the Yellow-vest thing. Fox ‘news’ is Murdoch, so it smells of shit.


IF Moslems are to be blamed for this disastrous fire, you can bet the Jews were really behind it to promote racial/religious wars between Moslems and Christians. Because my understanding is, a Mosque in Palestine had a huge fire at the same time as Notre Dame. But who knows really. We wouldn’t get the truth in any case.


Wallace The Jew isn’t worried about Muslims… The Jews want the memory of 9/11 TO VANISH because more and more people are learning that 9/11 WAS DONE BY JEWS, not Arabs. the ensuing wars for the jews are already done and new narratives are being invented for more Mid-East wars for Israel so no need to bring up the biggest false-flag in US history especially since a new 9/11 Grand Jury has been empaneled to hear the evidence kept from the original Grand Jury.


Am I correct in remembering that it was Macron’s policy to require that a certain percentage of workers on the renovations at Notre Dame be migrants?


It must really grind their gears that they can’t, for example, blame this on Brenton Tarrant because that would be admitting that it was moslems.


Macron claims “Notre Dame” will be rebuilt.

Thing is: Will there be a France in five years?

I did see this new design approved, though:

You’ve appeased them on everything else. Do you ever get the idea that these people (moslems) fucking hate your guts and wish to destroy YOU and your entire race?